Camila Cabello 'OK, Boomer'-ed James Corden In A 1999 Vs. 2019 Riff-Off

She even sang a Shawn Mendes song to prove last year was superior

Camila Cabello feels strongly that today's pop music is better than ever, and she's willing to battle it out with a good ol' friendly 1999 vs. 2019 riff-off.

Last night (January 16), James Corden made a bold statement on his show, claiming that today's music doesn't have any "staying power." Of course, that didn't sit well with Cabello, who appeared on stage to prove him wrong.

"How about we settle this, James, between you and I, right here, right now?" she challenged. And with help from a cappella group The Filharmonic, the "Living Proof" singer kicked things off with her very own rendition of Lil Nas X's "Old Town Road."

The battle only got more fierce from there. After Corden hit back with Ricky Martin's "Livin' La Vida Loca," the "My Oh My" songstress came through with one of the most epic clap-backs of the past year. "Wow, OK. Really Impressive. Ricky Martin? OK, Boomer."

After being visibly taken aback by Cabello's comment, Corden went right into his next song, which was Santana's "Smooth." But the pop star had another trick up her sleeve — and it was a good one. For her rebuttal, she performed Shawn Mendes's "If I Can't Have You." And yes, the Shawmila shippers were absolutely living for it.

So, how did the riff-off end? Ultimately, Corden admitted that 2019's hits are hard to beat. And while whimpering on stage about how his music taste is outdated, Cabello was there to provide comfort. "It's OK," she told the TV host. "You don't have to be sad... you just have to realize that there's tons of great songs out there."

Finally, Corden was able to come to terms with his loss. And after calling a truce, he joined Cabello for an angelic duet of her and Mendes's beloved single, "Señorita." Peace at last.

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