DJ Pauly D Thinks Angelina's 'Double Shot' Arrival Is A 'Horrible, Horrible' Idea

She's back! (again)

If anyone knows what makes Vinny tick -- the good, the bad, and the sexual tension -- it’s Angelina.

Forever the unexpected guest on just about every vacation, tonight's Double Shot at Love concluded with a chicken cutlet fake butt cheek on the dinner table and a surprise phone call from Angelina.

Here's how it went down: After a freshly eliminated JJ handed her ass to Vinny, along with the tidbit that the remaining women are those "who have talked sh*t and are being fake," DJ Pauly D got a random call from his Jersey Shore roommate.

"Angelina. What the hell does she want? It's never a good thing when Angelina calls," the DJ said.

"Um, hello! I just read the f*cking news, and you guys didn't invite me? I'm f*cking getting on a plane, and I'm coming there," warned said the Staten Islander.

While Pauly maintains that Angelina's unexpected arrival "is a horrible, horrible idea," it's true that few people really know the keto guido better. Angelinny have shared years of hookups, blowups, wrestling matches, lap dances -- the list goes on -- so it's no shocker that the brunette formerly known as the dirty little hamster might actually be able to help Vinny find love once and for all.

This won't be Angelina's first Double Shot rodeo -- the EMT brought the "crazy" way back during Season 1 -- but this will be her first time bringing reinforcements. In a sneak peek of next week's episode, she can be seen raising her glass and bringing the drama: "Cheers to Vinny finding love with my two friends."


Will Vinny send them packing? "Calm down," and watch it all go down next week at 9/8c.

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