Did Angelina Unleash Her Inner 'Crazy' On Double Shot At Love?

After her melee with Mish, Vinny sure thought so

Angelina is known for "being a surprise on every vacation" -- and the Jersey Shore roomie was back to her blindsiding ways during tonight's episode of A Double Shot at Love. Her mission to "scare the sh*t out of these girls" worked -- especially on Mish.

How exactly did the EMT (yes, she appropriately arrived in an ambulance) battle with the JS virgin? When Angelina tried to get the girls drunk at the "Pauly D party," Nikki (who else?) resisted. And when Angelina pressed that Nikki drop the pineapple juice for some alcohol, Mish stepped in with, "It's her personal belief."

"Nobody asked you," Angelina spat at Mish. "She can speak for herself. I'm confused why you would even do that."

Mish was stunned -- and insisted she was just trying to defend Nikki. Angelina didn't let that slide and said the explanation was "stupid." When a resigned Mish said, "Well, I'm stupid," Angelina took it one step further.

"I'm not saying you're stupid -- you're an assh*le," she declared. "And assh*les don't belong in my family, so you can get the f*ck out." Are we back at that unbearable Seaside Heights dinner when Vin repeatedly pleaded that she stop talking?

Back to Double Shot: Mish ran off, and Vin comforted her (although they didn't go on a swan ride this time). And Vinny, who has so much experience with Angelina, offered Mish some perspective about his MTV roomie.

"She has a quick trigger, and sometimes it's not justified or makes any sense," he offered. "Eventually, when two people are fighting, the attacker ends up looking stupid. So you have to disarm the person attacking you. You can't let a crazy person affect you."

Eventually Mish and her broom re-entered the social scene, Pauly ducked under the table, and Mish offered an "I'm sorry" to Angelina. But the ordeal sealed Mish's fate: She failed the "Angelina test" and was later told her cab outside. So was Angelina too hard on Mish during the stupid-assh*le fracas? Or was it best that she exposed this side of Mish -- so her buddies could ultimately send her home? Sound off in the comments, and keep watching A Double Shot at Love every Thursday at 8/7c.