Will The 'Keto Guido' Make It Through Jersey Shore: Family Vacation?

We're pretty sure strippers aren't on Vinny's diet

Another MVP night out in Miami rocked the one and only "keto guido" — and not even Jesus could save him.

Judging from tonight's Jersey Shore: Family Vacation, the lure of booze and hot bottle girls might be becoming too much for Vinny, who can't seem to go 24 hours without calling his girlfriend back home to 'fess up to another "crime."

His latest criminal act, so to speak? While Vin didn't physically pick up a stripper this time, he turned up a little too much by getting a girl's two girls' phone numbers, one of which he dubbed "a hot Britney Spears." (Sorry, Brit.) Luckily, Mike was able to pull him away before he actually made a "Ronnie-level mistake."

"The struggle is real for Vinny," said Mike. "He loves his girl, but after a couple bottles of alcohol, he also loves this girl we're talking to right now."

The Staten Island native's explanation? Let's just say the women (and beverages) at the club were pretty hard to resist.

"A big fat booty is my weakness," he admitted. "I'm definitely dying right now looking at big fat a**es. I want to put my face on it; I want to put my drink on it."

Vinny then attempted to save face during not one but two awkward conversations via the duck phone with his girl Elicea, who wasn't having his latest "explanation." In fact, she straight-up hung up on the pizza-topping connoisseur.

Will Vinny (and his ketogenic diet) be able to survive Family Vacation at this point? Sound off with your thoughts, and catch an all-new episode next Jerzday Thursday at 8/7c!