Offset Swears Off Cheating On New Cardi B Collab 'Clout'

Try as you may, you won't catch Offset slipping

The rollout for Offset's debut solo album, Father of 4, originally eyed late 2018 as the release date — but inexplicable delays and the near-destruction of his marriage to Cardi B became perhaps larger than the LP itself. Today (February 22), though, the album has finally been released, and on it is "Clout," a collaboration with Cardi that isn't just an attack on fame-chasers. It also contains a key line where Offset says he'll never step out on Cardi again.

Both Cardi and Offset have seen their fair share of headlines outside of their respective music careers. Offset's alleged infidelity in the past seemed to generate friction between the husband and wife, with Cardi at one point claiming that the relationship just wasn't working out. Offset worked hard to win her back, interrupting her set at Rolling Loud in December to show her how sorry he was.

By the time the 61st Grammy Awards rolled around earlier this month, the pair appeared back together, with Offset accompanying Cardi onstage when she accepted the award for Best Rap Album. He also gave her one hell of a look when she performed "Money" during the show.

This all goes to say that "Clout" finds the two uniting in the face of enemies and threats. On the song, the two call out those who want attention and do anything to get it. The chorus literally screams, "They do anything for clout, do anything for clout" over and over. Offset then takes his time to shout out his wife and her gift-giving abilities ("I bought her the Lambo, she bought me the Wraith"). The most interesting, and perhaps most telling line, though, is when he assures Cardi, and listeners by extension, that he's staying away from distraction. "Shorty DM me, I'm straight / I'm not gon' bite on the bait," he raps confidently.

Cardi B joins afterward for a slick-talking verse that doesn't call anyone out but lets everyone know that she's accepting all challengers. "They know I'm the bomb, they ticking me off / Saying anything to get a response / I know that mean they traffic is low," she spits with puddles of acid forming on the ground in front of her. She wrestles the attention away from Offset with her venomous verse, creating one of the album's strongest points.

Last week, Offset teased the release of his album with a trailer featuring footage of Cardi giving birth. Earlier this week, he released the video for the album's lead single, "Red Room." Now, we finally have the LP — and "Clout" — available for consumption. Listen to the song above.