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Watch Everyone In '13 Reasons Why' Present MTV Show Of The Year To The 'Stranger Things' Kids

‘13 Reasons Why’ meets ‘Stranger Things’ at the MTV Movie & TV Awards

Stranger Things was the sleeper hit that no one saw coming, a Netflix phenomenon that inspired dozens of memes and launched its cast of cute kids, led by the effervescent Millie Bobby Brown, into superstardom. And now it has the honor of being crowned Show of the Year at the 2017 MTV Movie & TV Awards.

The teens of 13 Reasons Why (literally all of them) presented the Golden Popcorn to the adorable kids from Stranger Things at the 2017 Movie & TV Awards on Sunday (May 7). While most of the teenage cast of the supernatural Netflix series were also in attendance, they let the cute kids do the talking, starting with Best Actor in a Show winner Millie Bobby Brown and costar Finn Wolfhard.

"We want to thank the Duffer Brothers for creating the show and writing the show," Wolfhard said. "They treated us like true collaborators and not little kids."

But it was Caleb McLaughlin who kept things real, thanking Netflix in what was most likely a bid to get a free subscription for life.