When Is Millie Bobby Brown Going To Join The Marvel Universe Already?

Here are some kickass Marvel heroes the 'Stranger Things' star was born to play

Millie Bobby Brown is a badass, an effervescent spark about to explode. As the enigmatic Eleven in Netflix's supernatural sleeper hit Stranger Things, Brown turns in a performance that is as unsettling as it is deeply moving. With her telekinetic powers and appreciation for Eggo waffles, Eleven quickly became a fan favorite — but it's Brown who easily captured our attention.

In the months since the release of Stranger Things, Brown has charmed everyone this side of the Upside Down. She's a gregarious spitfire who's not afraid to get a little scrappy — and who has a knack for putting adults in their place. So obviously it's only a matter of time before she becomes a superhero in the Marvel universe. She fits perfectly into the Marvel aesthetic. Just look at her: She's tenacious, she could probably handle her own stunts, and she's practically already a superhero in Hawkins, Indiana. She's the teenage spark the Marvel universe needs! So here are just a few of our suggestions:

  • Molly Hayes a.k.a. Bruiser
    Marvel Comics

    Honestly, if a television adaptation of Marvel's Runaways wasn't in development over at Netflix competitor Hulu, I would suggest we stop here because Millie Bobby Brown is Bruiser. Despite being the youngest member of The Runaways, a group of superpowered kids who learn their parents are actually supervillains, Molly is arguably the strongest of the lot. Molly's mutant powers are superhuman strength and invulnerability, and her innocence and naïveté often make her the comedic relief. But you don't want to cross Bruiser; she'll kick your ass if she needs to. (She's also good friends with Wolverine, so don't @ her.) Did I mention she's only 11?

  • Kate Bishop a.k.a. Hawkeye
    Marvel Comics

    Matt Fraction and David Aja's Hawkeye is largely considered one of Marvel's greatest comics, and that has a lot to do with Kate Bishop. She's the perfect foil to an increasingly hapless, albeit charming, Clint Barton. The youngest socialite daughter of a rich New York family, Bishop made the switch to superheroics after she was assaulted in Central Park. To cope with the trauma, she became a master of martial arts and archery — and you eventually joined the Young Avengers, a group of teenagers tasked with saving the world. Her expertise is in making fun of Clint, which I think makes Brown the perfect girl for the job. (Have you seen her burn Stephen Colbert?) Kate is smart, confident, fiercely independent, and she's the kind of hero you can always rely on to get stuff done. (Sorry, Clint.) There are currently no plans to bring Kate Bishop into the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but seeing how Clint is technically "retired" these days, the MCU is going to need another ace archer.

  • Squirrel Girl
    Marvel Comics

    There's reportedly a half-hour comedy series based on Marvel's New Warriors currently being shopped around to cable and streaming outlets in Hollywood. But more important, the series, which is basically the junior version of The Avengers, would feature Iron Man's No. 1 fan, Doreen Green (a.k.a. Squirrel Girl) and her faithful sidekick, Monkey Joe. Aside from the ability to communicate with squirrels, Doreen also possesses super-speed and strength — making her a true force to be reckoned with, especially if there are any nuts around. The internet has been clamoring for a Squirrel Girl series for years, and who better to don the fluffy tail than the internet's other favorite teen, Millie Bobby Brown? (Or, you know, Barb.)

  • Spider-Gwen
    Marvel Comics

    Last year, Gwen Stacy went from Peter Parker's ill-fated love interest to kick-ass Spider-Woman in an ongoing Marvel Comics series called Spider-Gwen. The series explores a universe where Gwen Stacy was bitten by the radioactive spider — not Peter Parker — and became the teenage webslinger of her world. Sure, Brown may not look the part of Gwen Stacy now, but maybe she can borrow that blonde wig from the Stranger Things prop closet. To be perfectly honest, I need a Spider-Gwen movie to happen so that inevitably, when the two universes collide, Brown and current Spidey actor Tom Holland will join forces and control the MCU together.