Cardi B Leads An Army Of Nude Dancers, Then Kills Them In Absolutely Wild 'Press' Video

There's an award-winning slasher plot buried somewhere in this insane flick

Cardi B may not need any more actual press, but with a new video for her latest single "Press," that’s exactly what she’s going to get.

The rapper is back with another daring video that's equal parts Law & Order and The Silence of the Lambs, with a choreographed dance sequence straight out of Michael Jackson's "Thriller" in there for good measure. After seeing it all together, you'll come away with a possible fear of Cardi's eyes and their malevolent crimson glare when she's riled up. Someone add "Cardiphobia" to the dictionary, please.

In the new Jora Frantzis-directed visual, Cardi is a heightened version of herself, embroiled in a court case (not unlike her current real-life legal situation), where screaming, deranged fans swarm around the courthouse to get a glimpse at what's happening. They expect her to fold under the intensity of the law's examination, but that's not the case. Inside, she's cool, calm, and collected while the array of judges grill her. She's probably so calm because, at nighttime, she masquerades as the head of an army of naked zombies who've organized a synchronized dance routine sharp enough to make Omarion jealous.

Eventually, something happens that sends the rapper into a murderous frenzy, and a bunch of people die around her. Some are prosecutors, some are interrogators, and basically all of her enemies fall. It ends with her in jail, still cool and calm. She pushes a cellmate's head under water, and the video wraps up with the implication that this new villain has just started a long reign of terror.

Cardi B is the star of her very own Texas Chainsaw Massokurrr here, and she's clearly up to something – perhaps a new album. This is her third new video of 2019 after "Money" and "Please Me," which features Bruno Mars. She recently took home the BET Awards for Best Female Hip Hop Artist and Album Of The Year at the 2019 show over the weekend.

Check out the monstrous Cardi B in the new "Press" video up above.

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