YouTube/Cardi B

Cardi B Puts Bruno Mars Through A Brutal Teasefest In 'Please Me' Video

Open a window. It gets hot in here.

Cardi B and Bruno Mars' last collaboration, "Finesse (Remix)," was all about glorification and acknowledgment of how badass someone is. The accompanying visual was an adorable joint effort that showcased their contrasting styles and helped to introduce Cardi B to another level of superstardom.

But that's old news now that Cardi and Bruno have released the video for "Please Me" — one all about temptation, lip-biting, and the possibility of release. Open a window before you hit play. It'll get hot.

In the sexy video, Cardi B is the head honcho of a cavalcade of women who walk into a diner populated by Bruno and his squad of fellas who collectively become intrigued by the new visitors. Knowing looks and gestures are exchanged, and what follows is a festival of teasing that features red lollipops, dangerously bent waists, and synchronized sensual routines that'll make you sweat.

Bruno's guys don't just star at the dancing going on in front of them; they begin gyrating their hips in a smooth and suggestive response. The two crews join together for a brief entanglement that echoes the song's sexual tension. The chase ends on a good note; at the end, Cardi and Bruno embrace.

Cardi's website was recently updated with six new tour stops that could indicate that an arena tour could be coming in the near future. "Please Me" is the latest taste of new Cardi; she released "Money" in October and her performance of it at this year's Grammy Awards only came second to her making history as the first solo female to win the award for Best Rap Album.

2019 has already been a legendary one for Cardi and we're barely three months in. There's no telling just how absurdly high she can soar in the remaining nine. Watch the steamy video above.