8 Hip-Hop Beefs That Involved A Woman

A tale as old as time.

In Greek mythology the Trojan War raged on for 10 years, all because of one beautiful woman named Helen. And in reality, many a rap feud has hit depths far below the belt, over women. Nas and Jay Z didn't start beefing over a lady, but things sure got (super) ugly when someone's ex-girlfriend got involved.

If we fast forward to present-day, there's Drake and Chris Brown -- and, well, we all know why those bottles went flying. Take a look at eight rap feuds that involved a woman.

1. Nas vs. Jay Z

Nas and Jay Z's feud is the stuff of legends at this point, and although it didn't start over a woman -- it definitely went there. After Nas scorched him with "Ether," Hov took a new angle, airing out his affair with the mother of the Queens rapper's daughter, Carmen Bryan, on the track, "Supa Ugly." “I came in your Bentley backseat/ Skeeted in your Jeep/ Left condoms on your baby seat," Jay rapped.

Shortly afterwards, Bryan released a tell-all book called, “It’s No Secret: From Nas to Jay-Z, from Seduction to Scandal — a Hip-Hop Helen of Troy Tells All,” confirming that she did indeed do the dirty with Jay. This was such a low blow that the Brooklyn rapper decided to apologize later.

2. Notorious B.I.G. vs. 2Pac

By now, you know the story of the Notorious B.I.G. and 2Pac's violent East Coast vs. West Coast feud and you'd better believe that at least one female got caught in the middle of this. That would be Faith Evans, Biggie's ex-wife and the mother of his son. Rumors of an affair between Faith and Pac started getting loud when she was snapped looking too cozy next to him on the "California Love" video set. Pac kept the speculation going when he recorded the diss track "Hit 'Em Up," and was oh-so-subliminal with the line, "That's why I f---ed your bitch you fat motherf---er." 'Cause, why beat around the bush?

Big had a pretty good sense of humor about it all though, responding on "Brooklyn's Finest," and referencing his pregnant wife with, "If Faye had twins, she'd probably have two Pacs/ Get it? ... Tu-pac's."

3. Ma$e vs. Jay Z and Dame Dash

Yeah, before he was Pastor Ma$e, Mason Betha was just another rapper getting into beef over a woman named Arion. During an appearance on "RapFix Live," he explained that he once hooked up with the girlfriend of someone in Jay's Roc-A-Fella squad and the whole team wanted his head. "My beef wasn't with Jay, it was somebody in his crew," the Harlem rapper explained. "There was a girl, she liked me and it was somebody's girlfriend that was in his crew. so then me and Dame get into it -- we didn't end up boxing, everybody broke it up on 125th Street -- then I guess Jay inherited it." Thankfully, this one didn't go too far, but this is just proof that Jay used to be ride or die.

4. Drake vs. Common

What could possibly push two of the nicest rappers in the game -- and in this case, we're talking friendly -- to get into a back-and-forth war, seemingly out of thin air? A world famous tennis player, that's what. We were all a bit confused about why Common started taking shots at a certain someone for singing too much on The Dreamer/The Believer single "Sweet." Drake wasn't though. He immediately fired back on stage and from there things really took off, leading to Drizzy's "subliminal" jabs on "Stay Schemin.'" Common threw down the gauntlet when he straight up called out Drake by name, on the same beat and 40, Rick Ross, The Weeknd and Birdman all added their opinions.

They eventually squashed the beef during NBA All-Star weekend and Common recently admitted that he was feeling disrespected by Drake hooking up with his ex, Serena Williams. We should've known.

5. 50 Cent vs. Rick Ross

Fifty can be ruthless when you get on his bad side, and Rick Ross was on the receiving end of his fury a few years ago. In addition to his determination to expose holes in Rozay's persona by revealing that he was once a correctional offer, Fif also got really personal. He set out to obtain court transcripts from the Miami rapper's paternity case and went as far as flying Tia Kemp -- the mother of Ross' son -- to New York. He interviewed her, took her on a shopping spree and splashed it all over Thisi50.com for the world to see. Kemp furthered the blows by penning the tell-all book called “Tia’s Diary: Deeper Than Rap,” (with 50 Cent's help) in which she put Ross on blast.

“I just wanna let everyone know the real deal," she told MTV News at the time. "He’s telling a bunch of lies about himself and me as well. He’s trying to have this image where he wants people to believe he’s hardcore and comes from the streets and lived a rough life. He’s making up all these things.” Cold blooded.

6. Drake vs. Chris Brown

Feelings really got hurt over here. Multiple times. Obviously Chris Brown dated Rihanna for quite some time, until their explosive breakup. After that RiRi spent some time with Drake (and then quickly moved on), but Breezy was still feeling salty about it. Add a nightclub, two artist's entourages and plenty of liquor to that equation and you end up with a bottle-throwing brawl, complete with injuries and lawsuits. After this, Drake and Chris Brown continued to toss darts at each other, to the point where the Toronto rapper didn't even want to hear his name mentioned alongside Breezy's.

Then, all of a sudden, in July, we were pleasantly surprised to see a photo of them in the studio together and then we were truly shocked when Chris Brown showed up in Drake's ESPYs skit. Apparently a joint "project" is coming now, and Rihanna's somewhere looking around like...what the hell?

7. Gucci Mane vs. Yo Gotti

We've come to expect erratic behavior from Gucci Mane, but he just seemed to be far too preoccupied with bi-weekly mixtape releases to even waste time beefing over a female. Apparently that's not the case though. Last year, Gucci went on an epic Twitter rant, throwing blows at friends and foes left and right, leaving us to wonder what some of these poor guys even did to cross him. One of those unlikely casualties was Yo Gotti, who he named as one of his "top 3 p---y ass rappers" alive. Gucci once claimed that it was because of coinciding mixtape release dates, but Yo Gotti later told "The Breakfast Club," that the Ice Cream Man was tight about him hooking up with his ex-girlfriend and video vixen, Keyshia Dior.

8. T.I. vs. Floyd Mayweather

Floyd Mayweather technically isn't a rapper, but he's planted his roots firmly in hip-hop. And we'll start this one with "to be continued..." because this feud hasn't died down just yet. To quote Mayweather, T.I. was "feeling some type of way" after his wife, Tameka "Tiny" Cottle, posted an Instagram photo with him, during a trip to Las Vegas. It got to the point of a confrontation and brawl at Fatburger, which prompted Mayweather to explain that he and Tiny have always been friends -- and nothing more. T.I. later told MTV News that the whole issue boiled down to a matter of "respect," and it seemed like that would be the end of it. Wrong! During a recent press conference, it sure sounded like Mayweather told the press, in regards to T.I. that, “I was f–-in’ his bitch." He tried to take it back immediately afterwards, but we have a feeling that Tip isn't buying it.