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Floyd Mayweather Denies Saying That He Slept With T.I.'s Wife, Posts Instagram Clarifying Comments

Mayweather took to his Instagram to clarify some misheard quotes.

UPDATE: Floyd has posted an Instagram correcting the way he was quoted in his press conference, and he continues to deny that he and Tiny have ever been involved.

Floyd Mayweather has reversed his comments about his relationship with T.I.'s wife, Tiny.

Earlier this year, Mayweather and T.I. got into it at a Las Vegas Fatburger over an Instagram photo that Tiny, aka Tameka Cottle, posted of herself with the boxer -- apparently it sparked T.I. to question whether or not the two had ever had a sexual relationship. In the aftermath, T.I. said there was nothing to squash, and Mayweather adamantly denied that he and Tiny had ever been intimate.

Earlier, his quotes in a recent press conference seemed to indicate all that had changed. Reporters thought Mayweather confirmed that the two had had a relationship by saying "I was f--kin' his b---h," but he also deflected a question about the rapper by saying "don't talk to me about that b---h." But given Mayweather's Instagram, that was not the message he intended to convey.

T.I. told MTV News earlier this year that the situation with Mayweather boiled down to respect.

"Respect man. Nobody, no time, nowhere gonna disrespect me, no exceptions. I don't care who it is," T.I. said. "Whoever has a problem understanding that, they’re going to experience the procedures that must be carried out."

Is Mayweather attempting to disrespect T.I. by bringing this up now? Watch the world-champion athlete level his claims at a press conference here, and check out our previous interview with T.I. below.