This Was Rihanna's Face While Watching Chris Brown And Drake At The ESPYs

Only GIFs can truly caption these emotions.

Hours before the ESPYs went live on Wednesday night, there were whispers that Drake actually recruited Chris Brown to appear in one of his skits -- but we just couldn't believe it. Sure, they've made up and have already hit the studio together, but it just seemed like so much, so quickly. But it really happened. Breezy not only filmed a skit with Drake and Blake Griffin for the show, but he actually appeared in person to support Drizzy.

We figured Rihanna was at home watching her TV screen like...

Oh, word? Blake, I hope this wasn't your idea...

Lemme find out that Oprah had something to do with this.

Yeah girl, I heard. You know these dudes ain't loyal.

To be honest, it's not even that funny.

It's cool. Have your fun because the spotlight's still on me.

And neither of you will ever get close to this again.