Rick Ross' Ex, Tia Kemp, Slams Him In New Autobiography

'Tia's Diary — Deeper Than Rap: Clarity, Truth and Exposure' was published with help from Ross' foe, 50 Cent.

Tiallondra Kemp and [artist id="2000082"]Rick Ross[/artist] did not have the smoothest breakup. This week, she released her autobiography, "Tia's Diary — Deeper Than Rap: Clarity, Truth and Exposure," which details not only her life, but — more salaciously — her stormy relationship with Ross. (Of course, the book shares a title with Ross' latest LP, Deeper Than Rap.) The Miami MC is the father of her son William III, who is almost 4, and Ross and Kemp have been involved in a volatile child-support case for several months.

"I'm not trying to take him down," she insisted, talking recently to MTV News' Tim Kash about her ongoing gripes with Ross. "I just wanna let everyone know the real deal. He's telling a bunch of lies about himself and me as well. He's trying to have this image where he wants people to believe he's hardcore and comes from the streets and lived a rough life. He's making up all these things."

According to Kemp, five years ago, Ross wooed her with his charm and peepers. "I don't know why he hides behind those shades now, but he has bedroom eyes," Kemp said, with a fondness in her face. She describes him as "big, black, attractive guy" and calls him by his real name, William.

They met at a nightclub in Miami, he stepped to her, got her number and from there, the Bawse poured on the charm. Their first date was at a strip club. Dinners and nights at home followed. Kemp was soon living with Ross. In a little over a year, she was pregnant with William III.

"He was happy," Kemp said of Ross. "He always wanted me to have his child."

Kemp said the euphoria was short-lived, and just three months after their son was born, her relationship with Ross started taking a downward turn. He signed with Def Jam, began playing concerts off the strength of his breakthrough hit "Hustlin'," and Kemp said his family intervened in their relationship, fearful that she was after his money.

The worst, according to Kemp, came when she got into a fight with the mother of Ross' daughter and had to go to jail for assault.

"Things got ugly," she said.

Things are way uglier now: The two have levied insults at one another through the media and don't communicate by any other means than their lawyers. Obviously Kemp aligning herself with Ross' enemy, 50 Cent, earlier this year hasn't been a olive branch.

"Why not?" she said about joining forces with 50. She said her motivations are simple.

"Revenge. Who's to say this is gonna be a success for me?" Kemp scoffed. "I accomplished my goal. Sometimes you have to do it, because people can do things to you and you can sit back and take it and take it and take it. But when the day comes when it's too much to hold in, you gotta let it out."

"I [couldn't] care less how it makes me look," she added.

As for the criticism she's received for her comments to various media outlets — where she's accused Ross of everything from being a poor dad to a poor lover — she hopes people will put themselves in her shoes.

"I would say, 'I wonder what he did to her to make her do this?' That's why people are gonna go out and get this book and read it," she said.

Kemp also said that she came to [artist id="860639"]50 Cent [/artist] with the idea of publishing a book. 50 went on to feature Kemp heavily on his Web site, ThisIs50.com.

"He's a perfectionist," Kemp said of Fif. "He knows what he wants. He's good at what he does. I brought [the idea of the book] to him and he was like, 'That's a great idea.' " 50 had her in New York the next week with a deal. She worked with a writer and turned the book around in three months.

"It's my life," she said. "It's something I went through and it was simple to put it all out on the table."

A representative for Ross declined to comment for this story.