Does Lorde’s 'SNL' Performance Mean We’re Finally Getting New Music?

Looks like that haircut isn’t the only thing that’s new in the Land of Lorde

The time has come, Lorde fans: She's booked for Coachella, she debuted a new look, and now, she's heading to Saturday Night Live as its musical guest on March 11.

All signs point to New Music O'Clock for the New Zealand ambassador/Oceanic representative of Taylor Swift's squad, and there's a very good chance her two songs at SNL will be never-before-heard singles off her forthcoming album.

On February 16, NME reported on an internal memo that allegedly circulated at Republic Records regarding the follow-up to Lorde's 2013 debut, Pure Heroine. The memo revealed her sophomore full-length's release date — or the release date for a new single, perhaps — to be March 7.

With SNL's March 11 broadcast in mind, this syncs up perfectly with Republic's supposed timeframe, so fingers crossed we'll have the next “Royals” soon enough.

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