Taylor Swift Reveals Her One Regret About ‘Look What You Made Me Do’ Video

'You get the best ideas after it's too late!'

As of Wednesday (September 27), Taylor Swift’s “Look What You Made Me Do” video has been out in the world for exactly one month, meaning you’ve probably discovered all the many easter eggs hidden throughout it. But in a new behind-the-scenes look from the video, Taylor reveals the one bit of hidden meaning that didn’t make the cut.

The new clip shows us the making of the “Stream Co.” scene, in which Taylor and her girl gang rob the vaults of a streaming company — a not-so-subtle reference to her years-long feud with Spotify.

“The absolute idiocy of this scene is that we’re robbing a streaming company as if they have, like, a vault of cash,” Taylor said. “All the girls are shoving money into their really well-coordinated, primary color, awesome Gucci outfits, wearing ridiculous kitten masks.”

Holding one of the aforementioned masks, Taylor comes to the sudden realization that the scene would’ve been SO much better if the masks resembled her beloved kitty Olivia Benson, whose ears flop down to the top of her head.

“We really, really should’ve stapled their ears,” Taylor lamented. “Why? God, you get the best ideas after it's too late!”

Sooo, maybe we’ll be seeing more authentic cat masks in future Reputation videos? We're, uh, ready for it.

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