Ace's Arrival: How Cheyenne's First 'Teen Mom OG' Birth Unfolded

For starters, it was 32 hours (!)

Cheyenne joined Teen Mom OG when daughter Ryder was a toddler, making her the only mama on the current series to not film a child being born on camera (either on 16 and Pregnant and TMOG, or both). But after tonight's episode, Chey can now say that she has given birth on the network. Hi, Baby Ace!

With her fiancé Zach and mom Margaret by her side -- and loved ones joining via Zoom -- Chey documented her lengthy labor (32 hours!) and eventual delivery (he arrived in "less than five minutes" when it was time to push). Cheyenne cried when her little boy was placed on her chest, and family joining from their homes could not help but clap and cheer.

"You did it!" sister R Kyle Lynn cheered. Yes, Chey did!

But before Cheyenne, Zach and Baby Ace were released from the hospital, the new mom of two spoke with her dad Kyle, Chey's nephew Baaz and, of course, proud big sister Ryder.

"He looks like Ryder," Chey sweetly told the trio.

"But Mom! He looks like you too," Ryder stated. "He looks so handsome, like a prince!" she added, with a kiss on the screen.


And now Ryder will get to play with her "handsome" little brother for years to come. Offer your congrats to the MTV family -- and do not miss the Teen Mom OG season finale next Tuesday at 8/7c.