The 5 Best Jokes From Cardi B's Co-Hosting Gig On 'The Tonight Show'

Can anyone say 'Eeeeooowww???'

Jimmy Fallon's job might not be safe. Last night (April 9), Cardi B made history as the first co-host on The Tonight Show and she didn't disappoint. The Invasion of Privacy rapper upstaged a willing and in-awe Jimmy at every turn. She joked about Trump, confirmed she is going on the Bruno Mars tour (baby in tow), and filled the set with enough ad-libs to make a Migos album blush.

In honor of this historic event, MTV News decided to feature the best moments from Cardi's co-hosting gig.

Cold And Cardi Opens

Best Joke: "I'm the first late night co-host who isn't a white guy."

Cardi has an innate sense of comedic timing. Even when she isn't trying to be funny, she somehow punctuates the space between jokes with a statement that becomes a moment unto itself.

The Strength Of The Fetus

Best Joke: "I don't know if it's the strength of the fetus, but I have never [felt] so hungry to succeed."

Jimmy Fallon and Cardi B have undeniable chemistry. Her response to how she is juggling promoting her debut album and being pregnant has to be a Top 10 moment in the history of The Tonight Show.

Depressed Cats

Best Joke: "You know, that's, like, almost like a sad cat sound."

Leave it to Cardi to make her already hilarious catchphrase — "Eeeeooowwww" — even funnier just by describing to Jimmy what the phrase sounds like to her.

Drizzy Clones

Best Joke: "You look like Drake!"

Late-night segments are like alley-oops. They are low-stakes, high-reward moments that highlight a guest's personality through the absurdity of some task. The genius of Cardi is that she doesn't need a set-up. During a segment where she agrees to record an audience member's voicemail, she yells at the chosen guy, "You look like Drake!"

To be fair, he did.


Best Joke: "You look British, like the Pet Shop Boys."

John Mulaney, in a cute gesture, provides Cardi with a small cardigan for her new baby. First, the Bronx rapper can't believe that babies are so little, which, same. Then she compares the comedian's look to English musicians the Pet Shop Boys.

Bardi Time Tea

Best Moment: "OK, I'm getting nervous now. I'm getting close to the date. Oh my god! I'm gonna be a mom."

The above quote is less a joke and more of a sweet moment. During a segment where Cardi reads the children's book Go The Fuck To Sleep by Adam Mansbach, she pauses and reminds herself she is about to be a mom. It is an adorable few seconds that does the impossible: It makes Cardi more endearing.

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