Watch 5 Seconds Of Summer's (Literally) Explosive 'Lie To Me' Video

Set it all on fire πŸ”₯

It's been an exciting, love-filled week for 5 Seconds of Summer fans, who celebrated guitarist Michael Clifford's engagement a few days ago. But the guys are back to business now, and they're putting fans through the emotional ringer with the release of their new video for "Lie To Me."

The Youngblood track comes to life inside a foggy raceway, where Luke Hemmings broods on the roof of a stalled car, lamenting, "I wish we never met / 'Cause you're too hard to forget." His bandmates pace around elsewhere, and eventually watch in horror as Hemmings's car gets rammed by two other vehicles. It's a jarring image, but it's only a taste of the destruction that follows. You could say it... ends with a bang.

So what did all that destruction signify? Allow drummer Ashton Irwin to explain. A day before the video's premiere, he tweeted, "The 'Lie To Me' video represents to me when someone closest to you is in a toxic situation, and they take an emotional beating over and over. With no attempt to escape. It's absolutely heartbreaking."

A red-haired Irwin added before the premiere, "It's one of my favorite videos we've made." That's a big statement, considering the band's Youngblood era has been marked by mesmerizing visuals β€” there was the stark, skeletal "Valentine," the neon, gravity-defying "Want You Back," and the vibrant, Tokyo-set "Youngblood."

None of those other ones had a fiery car explosion, though, so maybe "Lie To Me" really is the coolest of all.

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