5 Seconds Of Summer's New Video Is An Anti-Gravity Neon Dream

One where they're not even in the same room

Last month, the guys in 5 Seconds of Summer returned with "Want You Back" (not a Haim cover), the first new music from them in a few years. It sounded slick, pop-centric, and like it deserved a low-lit, intimate video befitting of its more mature sound.

And on Tuesday (March 27), that's exactly what 5SOS gave us. No more neighborhood takeovers or cash-raining pool parties for these guys. Now, it's all about steely looks and moody rooms.

The "Want You Back" clip, directed by James Larese, is impressive for its sets, which place Luke, Michael, Calum, and Ashton in gravity- and physics-defying scenes. With its fluorescent neon lighting arty angles, the video resembles something from The 1975 more than, say, Green Day.

That's all to say: 5SOS are more mature now, both visually and sonically. And it shows. They're barely in the same room as one another in this video!

"Want You Back" is set to appear on the third 5SOS album, likely due out at some point in 2018. Until then, let's hope these guys are allowed to hang out together again after this video. It'll make going on tour a lot easier.