Justin Bieber Sounds Right At Home On Poo Bear's Rainy 'Hard 2 Face Reality'

Alongside Jay Electronica

So far in 2018, Justin Bieber's spent more time posting about his tattoo-covered body, playing basketball with other celebrities, and hanging out with Craig David than releasing any new music of his own. And that's cool! You gotta do what you gotta do, you know?

But it's always nice when he does pop up on a new track, even as a featured artist. That's why his new contributions to Poo Bear's "Hard 2 Face Reality," also featuring Jay Electronica, sound so nice and familiar. (Also likely because the song first popped up back in 2014 with Bieber singing lead.)

The rainy-day cut tackles the challenges of ongoing relationships, and Bieber's verse underscores this by specifically talking about being away from the person you're with: "I know it's hard away from home / And it ain't easy all alone / Relationships over the phone / Talkin' to your significant other all night long."

As much as his voice lends itself nicely to the minor-key guitar lines here — and while Jay Electronica brings up some salient points ("One day, you could be the king of pop / Then the next one just be 'Wacko' Michael") — this is Poo Bear's song. He owns it.

You can find "Hard 2 Face Reality" on Poo Bear's upcoming album Bearthday Music, which is available for pre-order now. Below, watch Poo Bear speak to MTV News about working with Bieber and how the Grammy-nominated "Despacito" remix came to fruition.

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