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Justin Bieber Spent More Than 100 Hours Getting Tattoos: See The Final Result

'I've made my body a canvas and it’s so much fun'

It’s no secret that Justin Bieber is a tattoo fiend — last year, we estimated that well over half his body is inked — but the 24-year-old has really outdone himself now. About six months after that last ink update, Bieber hopped on Instagram on Wednesday (April 4) to show off what he calls “a hundred hours” of work. And judging by the pic itself, that’s probably not an exaggeration.

In the shirtless selfie, Bieber proudly flaunts his inked-up torso and arms. Many of his most infamous etchings are on full display, including a grizzly bear, bald eagle, crowned lion, cross (now with added rays), and the words “Son of God” and “Purpose.”

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In the accompanying caption, Bieber explained what his tattoos mean to him, writing, “If tattoo[s] didn’t hurt everyone would have them. Well maybe not [every] one!! Over a hundred hours of [hard] work on my body and I wouldn’t take back a single one. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE ART AND I’VE made my body a canvas and it’s SO MUCH FUN.”

Much of Bieber’s body art comes courtesy of New York City-based tattoo artist Keith “Bang Bang” McCurdy. When McCurdy tattooed Bieber’s chest last fall, he revealed on Instagram that it took 26 hours to complete, spread over three consecutive days.

“@justinbieber Thank you for the trust,” he wrote. “26 hours over 3 consecutive days is the most I’ve ever tattooed anyone in my 13 year career. You’re tough as nails man!”

Tough as nails, indeed... and possibly just a little obsessed. But hey, that’s the cross you have to bear when you fancy yourself a walking canvas. Stay tuned to see what Bieber will get inked next!