Katy Perry Brought In A Crazy Amount Of Viewers For Her 'Witness' Live Stream

It’s giving her music vids a run for their money

Now that the Witness live stream has come to an end, the numbers are in, and a whopping number of Katy Perry fans tuned in to watch the pop star get as real as possible during her surreal and vulnerable broadcast.

Over the course of her multi-day streaming experiment in honor of the release of her latest album, Perry got very, very real and revealed plenty to those tuning in: She kissed and told when it came to ranking her exes in the bedroom department; she broke down in a therapy session that had her examining whether or not she wanted to even be Katy Perry The Massive Pop Star anymore; she established a direct line of communication between herself and her viewers when she woke up and immediately started answering questions, and she did this all in a matter of hours with the record button blinking away.

Given the subject matter of her filter-free approach to the live stream, it's no shocker that the numbers are nuts: Nearly 50 million people tuned in to see what Perry was up to over the broadcast. To compare and contrast, four days of All Perry All The Time brought in 49 million viewers, and in the month that the “Bon Appétit” video has been up on YouTube, it's raked in just over 169 million views.

Four days with 49 million vs. a month with 169 million? If you break that down on a day-by-day scale, the Witness live stream did pretty damn well when shouldered up against the eye-catching visual for her Migos-featuring single. This is nothing to brush off, considering how Perry has made some of the most-viewed music videos of the last decade, and it's further proof that she's definitely comfortable in front of the lens — even when she's getting as personal as can be with an audience she can't see.

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