Katy Perry’s ‘Bon Appétit’ Video May Ruin Your Appetite

See her get casually served up on a platter

Fresh out of the oven, Katy Perry is the main course in her bonkers new “Bon Appétit” video.

Subtlety is not Katy’s style here. For four minutes we see her get floured, breaded, basted, and boiled by menacing chefs. Once she’s cooked to perfection, she’s presented to a group of hungry diners (and Migos), taking all that food wordplay to creepy, cannibalistic levels.

If you can make it through seeing Katy’s tongue get charred by a blowtorch, then you’re in for a surprise twist, as our freshly garnished gal pole-dances her way to pixie-cut freedom. Oh, and the last shot may ruin your appetite forever. Just FYI.