Katy Perry/Viceland

Katy Perry Gets Stunningly Real In A Live Stream Therapy Session

Famous exes, her controversial haircut — the mascara-streaked revelations just kept coming

Katy Perry was sitting across from a therapist, pink cropped hair lightly tousled and a matching pair of furry mules on her feet, remembering how after her last album — 2013's Prism — she'd drawn from a deck of inspirational Angel Cards. She took the word written on the card she pulled, “authenticity,” as prophetic, a sign that she should strive going forward to be a more genuine version of the whipped-cream spouting pop persona that had made her a multi-platinum star.

It's not every day your fave opens up to cameras, letting them live-stream her most private thoughts, from childhood traumas to reflections on her breakups with famous exes. But with her “purposeful pop” album, Witness, out today (June 9), Perry had perhaps warmed to the idea of baring her heart a little. Under the banner “Witness World Wide,” fans watched, riveted, as a crew from Viceland's “The Therapist” captured her no-holds-barred session with Dr. Siri Sat Nam Singh.

Katy Perry/Viceland

After revealing that she often feels an emphatic divide between the public figure known as Katy Perry and the “dork” her family and close friends know as Katheryn Hudson, the singer explained that her pixie haircut was actually a reaction to those splintered selves. “I didn't want to look like Katy Perry anymore,” she admitted even as she acknowledged the new look had earned her hate and abuse on social media.

The tearful, mascara-streaked revelations just kept coming until at last Dr. Singh offered her a wooden bowl filled with a fresh stack of Angel Cards. The message seemed so fitting: “Freedom.”

You can watch Katy Perry's 72-hour “Witness World Wide” through the weekend here. A select group of fans will be able to catch her free concert once the stream ends: