Lady Gaga, Lauren Jauregui, Rihanna, And More Condemn Trump's Disregard For Puerto Rico

Dear Mr. President: Don't Hurt. Help.

As Puerto Ricans continue to face incomprehensible hardship after Hurricane Maria, numerous celebrities have done whatever they can to help. Beyoncé joined J Balvin on a remix of "Mi Gente," and her proceeds of it are going straight to hurricane relief; Pitbull went so far as to send his private plane to the island to help cancer patients so that they could be flown to the U.S. for chemotherapy treatments. Jennifer Lopez, Luis Fonsi, and others participated in a Hurricane Maria fundraiser for Telemundo, and Lin-Manuel Miranda penned a heartfelt letter that stressed his own personal connection to the devastation his family is facing.

This is just a sampling of those who are using their platforms to divert as much help and funds to Puerto Rico as it recovers as they can, and these efforts are a stark, disturbing contrast to the tone of the president's tweets following a direct plea for help from Carmen Cruz, the mayor of San Juan, on September 29.

Trump's lack of support for the people of Puerto Rico drew criticism before those tweets, and many are outraged at his remarks, including Lady Gaga, Rihanna, and more. Their shared sentiment? Don't hurt. Help.

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