Beyoncé And J Balvin's New 'Mi Gente' Remix Is Truly For The People

Proceeds benefit relief efforts in Mexico, Puerto Rico, and more

Beyoncé is back to slay, and this time around, she's bringing J Balvin with her. On Thursday night (September 28), they dropped a remix of "Mi Gente," his chart-topping song with Willy William. The remix's proceeds benefit relief efforts in Puerto Rico, Mexico, the Caribbean, and more communities devastated by recent hurricanes and earthquakes. To get involved, visit Beyoncé's website, where she's compiled a list of charities for each location affected.

As for the remix itself, it deserves all the fire emojis. Bey sings in Spanish and English, shouting out Blue Ivy — "Azul, are you with me?" — and reminding listeners to "lift up your people." Following this theme, the music video brings together dancers and fans from across the globe. Diplo and Martin Garrix also make brief appearances.

When J Balvin sat down with MTV News last month, he opened up about the powerful meaning behind "Mi Gente," which literally translates to "my people." Above all, it's a song about unity, making it the perfect choice for a prosocial remix.

As for Beyoncé, well, she was always a fan of his work. "I know people that work with her," J Balvin said, "so they were like, she's definitely in love with the music you're doing. I'm still in shock."