Childish Gambino Squashed Our Dreams And Said He’s Done After His Next Album


Childish Gambino — a.k.a. Donald Glover — wowed the crowd at Governors Ball on June 3, but his performance wasn't the only thing that dumbfounded his fans: He dropped some beats, sure, but he also dropped a serious hint that his next recorded output could be his final foray into music.

At the close of his festival-headlining set, Glover left his audience with some ominous parting words, as he said that he'll see them "for the last Gambino album.” He just released "Awaken, My Love!" in December 2016, so his next full-length could be ages away. This musical chapter is sure to go out with a bang, too, as a collaboration with Chance the Rapper is already in the works.

Still: We may be phasing out of Glover's Gambino era, if his sign-off is truly a sign of things to come.

Given his production schedule, it's easy to see why he might need a break: Glover is playing lead roles in everything from the upcoming Star Wars Han Solo origin story to the live-action adaptation of The Lion King, and he's executive producing the upcoming animated Deadpool series for TV, too.

Splitting time between the sets of all of these projects and the studio would involve a body double or cloning, to be sure, so maybe it's for the best that he's keeping it real with his Gambino fans. We'll just be over here blasting "Redbone" on repeat and moping in the meantime — or at least until it's time to gear up for his performance as Lando Calrissian.