Frank Ocean Has A New 'Dad' Thanks To 'Call Me By Your Name'

Somebody please check on Timothée Chalamet to make sure he's still breathing

Michael Stuhlbarg delivers one of the performances of the year in Luca Guadagnino's sumptuous queer drama Call Me By Your Name. As young Elio's perceptive father, the emotional impact of his performance hinges on one beautiful monologue about unbridled love and acceptance that's so poignant, it's leaving audiences in tears — and in some cases, making them wish they had a dad as understanding as Mr. Perlman.

And then there's Frank Ocean, who's now declared Stuhlbarg as his new dad. No, really. "Michael Stuhlbarg is my new dad now and that's that," he wrote on Tumblr. (Same, Frank. Same.)

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Call Me By Your Name

Michael Stuhlbarg as Mr. Perlman in Call Me By Your Name.

Given Ocean's estranged relationship with his own father — following last year's deadly Pulse nightclub shooting, the singer described a homophobic incident between his father and a transgender waitress on his Tumblr — it makes sense that the incredibly moving moment between teenage Elio and his dad in Call Me By Your Name would leave a mark on the artist. Ocean came out on Tumblr in 2012, detailing the summer he fell in love with a young man when he was 19 years old. "I feel like a free man," he wrote at the end of his post.

It's hard not to hear Elio's own yearning in Ocean's passionate description of that fateful summer and the summers that followed. Call Me By Your Name follows 17-year-old Elio (a brilliant, Golden Globe-nominated performance from Timothée Chalamet) as he explores an intimate relationship with a handsome doctoral student named Oliver (Armie Hammer) during one idyllic summer in 1983 Italy.

As Vulture's Kyle Buchanan pointed out, no one would be more excited about Ocean's deep Stuhlbarg appreciation than 22-year-old Chalamet, a devoted hip-hop head who nearly fainted at the thought.

Seeing as tomorrow is the young Oscar hopeful's birthday, I couldn't think of a more perfect present than this. The only thing that could possibly be better would be a new album from Ocean, which honestly could happen at any moment. Somebody needs to go check on Chalamet to make sure he's still breathing.