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We Dive Into The Ocean Of Clues About Frank Ocean's New Album

Frank finally addresses his '5 Albums Before 30' theory

In 2012, Frank Ocean, in a since-deleted tweet, promised: "5 albums before 30." The problem with the tweet is that Frank Ocean turned 30 on October 28. While I am a rap writer and not a mathematician, so far we've only gotten nostalgia, ULTRA, channel ORANGE, Endless, and blonde. According to my calculations, that is four albums and not the promised five.

Thankfully, Frank emphatically cleared the confusion up for fans last night (November 27). "Well I made the album before 30," said Ocean on his Tumblr. "I just ain't put that bitch out!"

Diving deeper into the very much pun-intended ocean of clues, Frank was spotted at ComplexCon wearing a "Worldnet" hoodie. The merch was available for one day only at Ocean's website. The tag of the shirt appears to says "New 17," which enterprising fans think might mean something more significant than a throwaway aesthetic choice.

Regardless, new Frank is always welcome. Until then you can buy your loved ones some Endless merch to tide them over.