Cardi B Makes Offset Stick His Tongue Out With 'Money' Performance At The Grammys

All while nominated for five different awards

Cardi B can really do it all. While sitting at the 61st Grammy Awards waiting to see if she'll take home any trophies in the categories that she's nominated in, she also brought the performance smackdown to the stage with her tour de force live rendition of "Money." We can only imagine what it felt like live; we can feel fresh waves of adrenaline radiating from our television sets.

Lester Cohen/Getty Images for The Recording Academy

61st Annual GRAMMY Awards - Inside

Cardi's majestic performance of "Money" featured a flurry of women clad in black bodysuits while another pounded the piano as if her life depended on it. The rapper was the centerpiece and main attraction with her retro hairdo, demanding eyes be glued to her alluring figure and mesmerizing performance. The entire number felt like being in a jazz den in the 1940s, the viewer starring as a nameless detective who has been enchanted by a stunning femme fatale.

Cardi gracefully moved around the stage with her sensual moves and bouncing body parts, eventually becoming encased in a black flower. At this moment, the camera cut to Offset, her estranged husband, in the audience clearly feeling the performance, staring at Cardi on stage with his tongue out. That could mean a lot of things! Cardi exclaimed, "Welcome to the Grammys!" in her performance, and now it looks like the festivities can truly begin.

Cardi was nominated for not one, two, or three awards this year; she was up for five. This year, she could possibly still take home the trophies for Record of the Year ("I Like It"), Album of the Year (Invasion of Privacy), and Best Rap Album (Invasion of Privacy). It's a major step up from last year when she received only two nominations for Best Rap Performance and Best Rap Song for her breakout single "Bodak Yellow." And it feels right. The night's still young, after all.