11 Times Celebrities Were Totally Normal And We Loved Them For It

Jennifer Lawrence isn't the only down-to-earth star.

Celebrities. We want to be like them: we covet their closets, their paychecks and, in extreme cases, their FACES. And yet, celebs can seem so different and so distant from us that it's difficult to imagine them being like us non-famous common folk. That's why it's VERY refreshing to see stars from Taylor Swift to Bill Murray act, well, normal.

Don't believe it? I've found 11 very glaring examples that your favorite stars on the charts and the big screen are -- shocking! -- human beings too.

1. They're fancy clumsy.

*Watch until the end of Iggy Azalea's video.

2. They fangirl/fanboy hardcore.

3. They crash parties and dance to "Turn Down For What." Hey, Bill Murray!

4. They indulge in friendly dance-offs.

5. They're awkward.

6. They flub names/words and misspell.

7. They get tattoos that they regret later.

Remember when Avril Lavigne and Brody Jenner got tattoos of each other's names?

Adrienne Bailon also tattooed her former boyfriend's name on her butt.

8. They eavesdrop on other people's dinner dates.

9. They hate getting waxes.

10. They enjoy (bad) karaoke.

11. They stroll down the street with no bodyguards.

Just casually walking along Park Avenue next to Taylor Swift, that's all

— David Mills (@DaveMills85) September 14, 2014

Casual Sunday run with a @taylorswift13 sighting.

— Brittany Sepe (@brittsepe) September 14, 2014

Not sure I'd be wearing those stilettos though!