This Guy Spent Over $100K To Look Justin Bieber: Worth It?

He wants a famous face.

There was quite the interesting patient recently on E!'s new show "Botched" -- and no, I'm not talking about the woman with the "misplaced vagina." One Toby Sheldon paid a visit to the plastic surgery-centric reality series on Sunday's episode and he brought his obsession with looking just like Justin Bieber with him.

In case Toby sounds familiar, that's because he made the digital rounds back in 2013. The aspiring singer/songwriter's £18,000 (roughly $30,000) Bieber-inspired "smile surgery" (an operation that permanently raised the corners of his mouth) caught the attention of The Sun, and the story went full-on viral from there. Is all that old news to you? Congratulations, you win one Internet.

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Here's The Sun's before and after comparison from last September. You know, in case the visual wasn't permanently seared into your memory.

The Sun

According to "Botched," Toby has since spent over $100,000 to cosmetically enhance his facial swagginess. By his own admission, he's had hair transplants, lip procedures, chin reductions, liposuction, and Botox injections, plus other work done on his cheeks and temples.

Toby was seeking a forehead and a jaw reduction on last night's episode of the E! series, but the show's resident plastic surgeons, Dr. Terry Dubrow and Dr. Paul Nassif, elected not to perform the surgeries after much deliberation.

Guess that means he'll have tens of thousands of dollars lying around to invest in his burgeoning music career?