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Colton Haynes Live-Tweets The Worst First Date Ever

It just gets worse and worse and worse and worse.

Last night, Colton Haynes witnessed what might very well be the worst first date ever in the history of worst first dates. Thankfully, the "Arrow" star and former "Teen Wolf" cast member live-tweeted the entire awkward encounter for us.

How bad could this be?

Oh my God.

Brace for maximum schadenfreude.

I mean, get it tbh.


Colton never gets the dude's name, but whatever. He's "Dan" now.

Fashion mullet or mullet-mullet?

Did Colton Haynes just reference "A Chorus Line"? Colton Haynes just f--king referenced "A Chorus Line."

He might as well be tweeting "DON'T GO UP THOSE STAIRS" at this point.

The intensity builds. Allegiances shift.

Look, I don't wanna cousin-shame this guy or anthing, but...

Tracey makes a move!


And Tracey FTW! Sorry, Dan, better luck next time.

You've got a bright future in online dating Hitch-ery, Colton.