Final Three: Who Will Vinny Pick On 'Double Shot at Love'?

And perhaps more importantly, who earned Paola's approval?

Pauly D's words ring true: The potential Mrs. Guadagnino really could be in the building.

Tonight's Double Shot at Love found the remaining five ladies (sort of) face to face with Paola, Vinny's mom, hoping to win her approval over a platter of baked ziti -- chicken cutlets included (no, not that kind).

"My mom will know if some of these ladies are not right for me, for sure," Vinny said. "I mean, my mom knows me better than anybody. My mom knows me better than I know me."

After being grilled by chatting with the Guadagnino matriarch and making an impression on Uncle Nino, the women awaited their fate. The end result? Vinny said goodbye to both Danielle and KP. And then there were three.

Read on as we break them down, and sound off with who you think will be the last woman standing.


The Missouri native has definitely ranked high since the beginning, not to mention earning the first smooch of the show. But Akielia's turning point truly came when Vinny met her mom during last week's episode.

"Akielia's mom definitely helped alleviate a lot of my fears," he admitted. "She's like a normal girl, but she looks fire. She's definitely been one of my favorites."


While Uncle Nino couldn't quite see it, the labor and delivery nurse immediately gained a round of applause from Paola due to her desire to get married and have children.

"I think my mom is really clicking with Akielia," Vinny said. "Akielia usually isn't that active in conversations and asks questions, but [she] can raise her voice when she wants to, and she knew it was important when meeting my mom."

Cue Pauly: "Vinny takes his mom's word very highly."

Erika D.

Not to be confused with Erica P., the Long Island native has continued to be a front runner ever since she bonded with (and kissed) Vinny on a makeshift boardwalk during their one-on-one date. The evening ended with a prank for the books, when she successfully fooled the Prank War champion himself, Pauly D.


As for seeing a future with Vin, the blonde may be somewhat unsure and overthinking things.


When meeting Vinny's family, the "Peachy charm" was in full effect, but it's really Peachy's Staten Island roots that could give her an edge.

"My mom is probably really feelin' the ones from Staten Island because [she] wants me to settle down on the East Coast," Vinny said. "It would help if it was an East Coast girl."


Peachy herself is certainly noticing a connection with the keto guido, feeling especially smitten with his closeness to Paola.

"When I'm with someone, I want them to have that good relationship with their mom, and I want to know that they're treating their mom well because that's kind of like a representation of how they'll end up treating me," she said.

One thing's for sure -- she's Uncle Nino's top pick.

Who do you think Vin should pick? See who sticks around for a Double Shot at Love next Thursday at 9/8c.

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