Briana's Fiancé Javi Makes 'Teen Mom 2' Reunion Debut

Find out why he decided to appear on stage

Briana was hesitant to document her romance with Javi on this season of Teen Mom 2, but the mother of two did eventually film with her "new guy" as she visited him for some ink (he's a tattoo artist). And now the engaged couple can check another MTV milestone off the list: his first reunion.

"I do it for her -- this is part of her life," Javi, who is also a dad, told co-hosts Dr. Drew and Nessa about why he opted to appear with his partner on stage. "This isn't really me."

Brittany also joined the future husband and wife and added, "If she likes it, I love it. Whatever makes her happy."

But Nova and Stella's aunt did have a warning for Javi: "You're cool, but just don't f*ck it up."

Nessa asked if Javi views his relationship with Briana as a "long-term commitment" -- the two weren't engaged at the time of the taping -- and he simply answered that they were "taking it day by day."

"He's just a liar," Briana joked, chuckling. Javi sweetly added that he wants to be with her.

And Dr. Drew, who has known Briana since she was 16 and Pregnant, made an observation.

"I've never seen Briana like that," he stated. "Giddy."

Giddy -- and a soon-to-be bride! Be sure to tune in to Part 2 of the reunion tonight at 8/7c and stay with MTV News for more Briana and Javi wedding updates.

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