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DaBaby Raps About His Ex Being A Meanie On Lil Nas X's 'Panini (Remix)'

It comes with an awesome 'Chowder'-inspired animated video

Thursday (September 12) on Twitter, Lil Nas X wanted fans to guess who he recruited for the remix to "Panini." He offered $100, and the predictions rolled in throughout the rest of the day. Nearly no one could guess that he would recruit "Suge" rapper DaBaby to bring some grittiness to the futuristic atmosphere of the honest, questioning song. With a new verse that's about a failed relationship, "Panini" now has even more emotion to latch on to.

DaBaby jumps in behind Lil Nas X for the remix's second verse, boldly claiming that the song "reminds me of my ex." He then elaborates a bit, like he's staring at the sky, daydreaming. "Say I be declining all her calls and I don't respond to none of her texts," he raps. If you recall, in 2018, DaBaby dressed up as a cowboy in his video for "Walker Texas Ranger." He draws attention to its similarities to how Lil Nas X was dressed in the "Old Town Road" video. "She watched that "Walker Texas Ranger," say I remind her of Nas X," he spits confidently.

Along with the remix, Lil Nas X shared a Chowder-inspired cartoon visual that just amps the energy of DaBaby's delivery. It's a truly special new version. Could this spell "Old Town Road"-like dominance?

Lil Nas X recently released the video for "Panini" earlier this month. In it, he is the world's most annoying leader in the future, placing his presence on everything from buildings to advertisements that walk around. Director Mike Diva spoke with MTV News and revealed that Lil Nas X developed the entire video treatment on his Notes app from his iPhone.

Listen to Lil Nas X and DaBaby bring some new emotions to the "Panini" remix up above.