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13 Former Boy-Band Members Who Tried To Make It As Solo Stars

Zayn is just the latest, but success isn't guaranteed...

Directioners, I know it's been a rough couple weeks.

First, Zayn Malik announces he's leaving One Direction's On The Road Again Tour, then he drops a bombshell that he's officially leaving the group and then, to put us over the edge, Naughty Boy released a demo of what we think is his solo track, "I Won't Mind."

But Zayn isn't the first boy-band member to try his hand at a solo career; there have been plenty in the past. Each has found varying levels of success -- some landing on top of the charts, others somewhere in the middle, while the rest have kind of bombed.

While it's too soon to say what kind of success Zayn will have, we can look back at others who've tried to make it on their own. Here are 13 former boy-band members and the first singles that kickstarted their solo careers.

  1. Zayn Malik: "I Won't Mind"

    Fans don't know if this is definitely part of Zayn's solo project, but I won't mind if the Naughty Boy-produced track is included, since I really like the rock/folk sound. However, it is way TOO SOON.

  2. Justin Timberlake: "Like I Love You"

    Just seven months after leaving 'NSYNC, Justin dropped his debut solo album, Justified, featuring the single, "Like I Love You." While some were skeptical of the curly-haired cutie venturing out on his own, he set our minds at ease within the first 15 seconds of the song when he said, "Don't fear me, baby. It's just Justin." The rest is history.

  3. Nick Jonas: "Jealous"

    Less than a year after Nick, Kevin and Joe announced the end of the Jonas Brothers, Nick released "Jealous," the official first single off his self-titled album. It became a massive hit and, in turn, catapulted him into solo stardom. Those Calvin Klein shirtless pics didn't hurt either.

  4. JC Chasez: "Blowin' Me Up (With Her Love)"

    JC kicked off his solo career strong with this track off the "Drumline" soundtrack, but with a string of not-so-good singles after -- I'm sure he wants to forget "All Day Long I Dream About Sex" (at least I do) -- JC decided to put his solo efforts on hold.

  5. Jordan Knight: "Give It To You"

    During his break from New Kids on the Block, Jordan tried out the whole solo thing and it proved to be a success. "Give It To You" was a top 10 hit on the Billboard Hot 100.

  6. Joey McIntyre: "Stay The Same"

    Jordan's fellow bandmate got in on the solo action as well, and proved to be just as successful, for a short time. "Stay the Same" peaked at #10 on the charts and NKOTB is still going strong.

  7. Joe Jonas: "See No More"

    Joe's foray into solo territory didn't really go as planned. This single, which had him channeling Justin Timberlake, entered the charts at #92, and his album, Fastlife, has only sold 45,000 copies to date, but I'm keeping my fingers crossed for a re-do because I kind of liked where Joe was headed.

  8. Omarion: "O"

    After a messy break-up with B2K, Omarion started off his solo career strong with a #1 album and "O" as his very first single. Just last December, Omarion released his fourth solo album.

  9. Robbie Williams "Angel"

    Robbie left his group Take That in 1995 (returned in 2009) and went on to have a super successful solo career. He had a slew of hits in the U.K. and here in the U.S., including "Millennium" and "Angels," his biggest-selling single.

  10. Nick Carter: "Help Me"

    I will admit that Nick was my favorite member of BSB growing up, but seeing him without his four bandmates just didn't feel right, and it appears a lot of other people agreed. While his album, Now or Never, was certified gold, his singles just never seemed to take off.

  11. Nathan Sykes: "More Than You'll Ever Know"

    When The Wanted said they were on a hiatus (which, to me, means they are never getting back together), Nathan decided to break out on his own and release the sassy single, "More Than You'll Ever Know." With songs inspired by his relationship with Ariana Grande, collaborations with Babyface and his oh-so-adorable looks, I think Nathan has a shot at making this solo thing work.

  12. Ashley Parker Angel: "Let U Go"

    Ashley Parker Angel wanted to let go of O-Town's boy-band image and become a rock star with the Max Martin- and Dr. Luke-produced track "Let U Go," and it paid off. The song became a hit, but unfortunately, his solo career did not.

  13. Nick Lachey "Shut Up" Nick ventured out on his own in 2003 and has had much success since then. "Shut Up" was his forgettable first single, but he quickly rebounded with a bunch of ballads -- "This I Swear," "What's Left Of Me" -- which made him a major success. Oh, and let's not forget that hit reality TV show, "Newlyweds."