Joe Jonas: It's 'A Good Time' To Release Fastlife

Jonas Brother's debut solo album dropped Tuesday.

Joe Jonas is living the Fastlife on his first-ever solo album, released Tuesday (October 11). The singer, now in his 20s, is no longer singing about the nuances of puppy love. Instead, he's all grown up, singing about heartbreak and romantic turmoil.

"It was scary in the beginning, just because I knew this is my one opportunity to show people my journal: the good and bad of every relationship I've been in, you know, [and] what I look for [in relationships]," he told MTV News.

After launching onto the scene as one-third of the Jonas Brothers, he's ready to show the world his pop&B side. Boasting production and writing credits from Rob Knox, Brian Kennedy, Danja and even Chris Brown, Jonas worked closely with his crew and helped co-write almost every song on the album. In the process, he managed to snag up enough of his own solo swagger to get Lil Wayne on the remix of his second single, "Just in Love."

"I feel like this is a good time in my life to be doing this solo project," he explained. "I'm just ready to play music. I've been promoting a lot and hustling around all over America and Europe, talking about the album, and now I just get to play, and that's my favorite thing to do."

The hustle to spread the gospel of FastLife has been happening for months now. After releasing two singles, "See No More" and "Just in Love," he recently wrapped up a tour with Jay Sean and will open for Britney Spears in Europe later this month. Jonas said he loves to perform and touring has been a way to get his music out to the masses.

That music shows a new side of the star musically. Instead of pop-rock, his songs are R&B and dance tracks reminiscent of fellas like Brown. "A song I'm most excited about right now is a song called 'Fastlife.' Performing it live is so much fun," Jonas explained. "Doing a lot of dancing and stuff, it's cool for people to see; it's a little bit different. It's fun for me to be up there doing it.

"I feel like it's a fun dance song. A lot of people want to have fun listening to it and dancing to it," he continued. "The song is just about pretty much living life to the fullest, enjoying life, going out with your friends and having fun."

Even as he releases the album, he's always thinking about what else he can do. "I love to make music," he said. "I'm always creating. It doesn't stop that creating bug. It's just something that I always do."

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