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Zayn Malik’s Naughty Boy Track Was Not Intended For One Direction

Louis Tomlinson weighed in, it seems.

I just don't know what to believe anymore.

So on Monday, Naughty Boy -- who has been working with Zayn Malik on new music -- found himself in a bit of a Twitter feud with One Direction's Louis Tomlinson after he retweeted a video that mashed up "Zayn Malik" and "Naughty" to create the moniker “Zaughty" -- implying that the two were collaborators just days after Zayn left 1D.

Louis called the tweet "inconsiderate," considering Zayn just left the group after five years, calling the band "not real to me."

Shortly after, Naughty Boy dropped the demo track he did with Zayn, "I Don't Mind," which was later deleted.

On Tuesday, many started speculating that the song was actually a demo recorded for One Direction's last album, Four. Maybe because it has that folky rock feel to it?

Anyway, Louis noticed a story posted by The Irish Mirror claiming as much, and by the looks of this tweet, it appears as if that is completely false.

With this tweet the 1D member basically confirmed that the Zaughty track is indeed for Zayn's solo career.

Zayn has yet to comment on the song situation, instead he was spotted vacationing with fiancée Perrie Edwards.