'Real World: Ex-Plosion' Poll: Which Ex Will Cause The Most Trouble In San Francisco?

Forget "Real World: Ex-Plosion" as you know it: From here on out, it's a brand new ballgame. On tonight's episode, while the show's housemates took a trip to nearby Shasta Lake, Season 29's sneaky producers moved in five of their exes. The new additions didn't know about one another, but as soon as they got to talking, they figured out their common thread: They'd each had a failed relationship with one of the initial cast members. It's safe to say they'll all shake things up, but after getting a taste of their diverse personalities, who do you think will stir the pot most?

Cory's ex, Lauren, and Jenny's ex, Brian, have already proven they can spit some serious vitriol over the phone. Though Brian has moved on from Jenny, he said he's still resentful of the fact that she's been hooking up with Cory. As for Lauren, the minute she entered the abode she vowed to force herself back into Cory's life and edge Jenny out of the picture.

Jenna has had less trouble reconciling with her ex, Jay, but when she finds out that he kissed another girl -- after explicitly telling him infidelity would kill their chance at a second shot -- there will probably be some hell to pay. And Thomas might just already be in hell, as a lovey-dovey email from his ex, Hailey, has already frayed the nerves of his current girlfriend, Jamie. Is there a girl fight on the horizon?

Annnd then there's Ashley, who just seemed genuinely thrilled at the idea of being with Arielle again after reconnecting with her during a recent visit.

+ Tell us what you think! Which of the new housemates will do the most damage this season? Take our poll, and explain your choice in the comments!

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