Jay Gotti

Jay is a classic womanizing heartthrob (or so he thinks), who doesn't shy away from conflict. He works as an emcee and promoter at a club where he spends most of his time omitting the truth to pick up girls and ultimately getting them to do whatever he wants. Jay has been dating his girlfriend, Jenna, for almost two years. Although the relationship is off and on, Jay doesn't seem to want to settle down and continues his "player" ways. Jay has never really left his hometown of the Bronx, and with his NY attitude hitting San Francisco, these ladies better watch out. Flirting with his 60,000 followers on Twitter and Instagram constantly leaves him in the doghouse with Jenna, yet he always knows the right things to say to avoid getting caught. Once Jenna moves into the house, will Jay stop the flirting so they can move towards making it official - AGAIN?