Jenny Delich

This ready-to-scrap rebel is loud, brassy and not willing to hold back; Jenny is passionate and will not let anyone take advantage of her. She moved from Missouri to Los Angeles to pursue acting and singing and continues to put one foot in front of the other to make it in the big city, but has come across a lot of people trying to lie to her about taking her career to the next level. Before leaving Missouri, Jenny had a serious boyfriend of four years, Brian, who she met while working at a club in her hometown. Though in a long distance relationship, her sex drive and Brian's empty promises of moving to LA have left Jenny longing for love from guys AND girls since arriving in Tinsel Town. Jenny's flirtatious behavior, including hooking up with roommate Cory right after they met, threatens the future of her relationship with Brian. She is completely shocked to find that Brian has moved into the house, especially since she just slept with Cory for the past couple nights. Will Jenny clean up her act and make it work with Brian?