Cory Wharton

On a journey to do the right thing, Cory complicated his life with multiple women and his inability to express himself. Previously a football star, he lost his athletic scholarship due to a pregnancy scare with a girl he was dating. He later discovered that the story was a complete hoax, which led him to leave school just a year before graduation. Cory has dated his ex-girlfriend back home, Lauren, on and off since seventh grade. Their stormy relationship has resulted in ongoing issues with cheating, jealousy, explosive tempers, and crazy arguments. Cory was less than thrilled to find out his ex was joining him this season on the Real World, since he'd already started a "friends with benefits" relationship with roommate Jenny. Will Cory make up with his ex and form a friendship or more with her? Or does he find himself so attracted to Jenny that he wants to let Lauren go?