How Would The 'Big Hero 6' Team Stack Up To The Avengers?

'They weren't bitten by some sort of something.'

With reporting by Josh Horowitz

Some superheroes are born, and some are made. (Most are made, if you count spider bites and chemical spills as "making.")

In the case of the motley team at the center of this weekend's "Big Hero 6," the first joint animated effort between Disney and Marvel, it's a little bit of both.

"We're just the smart kids whose superpowers are our intelligence and how you execute that," Genesis Rodriguez, who voices one of the team members, told MTV News at New York Comic Con. "Anyone can be a superhero, according to us."

Ryan Potter, who voices Hiro, agreed.

"Using their knowledge they're able to create suits, to create weapons, whatever it is to enhance their knowledge," he said. "It's so cool seeing a film that celebrates intelligence."

They're no Avengers, more like a bunch of teenagers in brightly painted suits using their brains as much as their super suits to figure out how to defeat a masked villain who seems like he'll stop at nothing.

T.J. Miller, who provided another voice, praised the unconventional formula.

"They weren't bitten by some sort of something," he said. "I think they're better than any other superhero team that's out there, know what I'm saying?"

Shots fired! Hear that, Avengers?

"Big Hero 6" is in theaters now.

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