'Big Hero 6' Reviews: Find Out Why Everybody Loves Baymax

It's because he's awesome.

If there's one reason to see "Big Hero 6," it's Baymax.

Described by USA Today's Claudia Puig as "a one-man Affordable Care Act," the affable robot Baymax stands front and center as the number one reason to check out Disney's new superhero film this weekend. There are many other reasons to see the movie, but he's the big one, debuting as an instantly classic Disney character.

Beyond Baymax, what are the critics saying about Disney's newest animated feature? Find out with this round-up of reviews:

The Story

"In a mildly futuristic, appealingly multicultural city called San Fransokyo, grad student Tadashi (voiced by Daniel Henney) and his friends Go Go (Jamie Chung), Fred (T.J. Miller), Wasabi (Damon Wayans Jr.) and Honey Lemon (Genesis Rodriguez) spend their time building amazing inventions.

"After Tadashi unveils the adorable Baymax (Scott Adsit), a marshmallowy mechanical companion, his 14-year-old brother Hiro (Ryan Potter) is inspired to create a collection of shape-shifting nanobots. When tragedy strikes and a masked villain steals the nanobots, Hiro and Tadashi’s friends band together with Baymax, using their technological creativity to turn themselves into superheroes." — Elizabeth Weitzman, New York Daily News

Introducing Baymax

"The new animated action-adventure 'Big Hero 6' might sound like more of the same Marvel-inspired superhero stuff already saturating movie theaters with its flashy 3-D animation and futuristic nerd kids doing their world saving in bright plastic-plated armor and spiffy Spanx. Which it might have become, if not for the big guy, the awwww-inspiring Baymax. This towering, huggable, robotic bag of air and brains steals the show and probably seals a franchise.

"While a robot designed to be the ultimate medical caregiver might not sound like the right superhero stuff, from the first time Baymax pops up from his container like an inflatable jack in the box (the real deal, not the fast food franchise namesake), he's irrepressible and irresistible." — Betsy Sharkey, The Los Angeles Times

A Boy and his Bot

"At the heart of 'Big Hero 6' are a lot of complicated emotions, and they’re all tied into a duo — Hiro and Baymax — who are in the best tradition of Elliot and ET and Hogarth and the Iron Giant. I don’t make that comparison lightly, and I think 'Big Hero 6's directors Don Hall and Chris Williams (with screenwriters Dan Gerson and Robert L Baird) have created characters who deserve to be in that company." — Devin Faraci, Badass Digest

The Comic Book Factor

"'Big Hero 6' is the first Disney film to feature characters from the pages of a Marvel comic book, though they’re represented here almost in name only. Much has been changed from the page to the multiplex, so much so that fans of the title might not recognize its particulars at first blush. In the long run, that’s probably irrelevant; movies like this inevitably lose something in translation, but they still end up making piles of money off the backs of aficionados and the uninitiated alike.

"Put another way, we should be grateful for the inventions directors Don Hall and Chris Williams have brought to 'Big Hero 6'; they’ve given the comic its own identity for a mainstream audience who’s likely never heard of it." — Andy Crump, Paste Magazine

The Final Word

"Your kids will love it. And frankly, they should: 'Big Hero 6' is zippy, beautifully made, fraught with action and peril but never scary or bloody and features a vocal team of actors so smooth and polished it verges on the criminal. Short but never curt, big but never bullying, it's exactly the kind of thing I'd take my younger nieces and nephews to — smart, big-hearted, funny, cool." — James Rocchi, About.com

"Big Hero 6" is in theaters now.