Beyonce Continues To Cruelly Tease Us With Her Upcoming Topshop Collab


Brooklyn Nets games are apparently not the only NYC happenings worthy of goddess divine and matching two-piece outfit connoisseur Beyonce's ethereal presence. She stopped by Topshop's "Unlock 5th" event at Grand Central last night for the grand opening of the London brand's New York City flagship store. (P.S. The super-short, super-sequined black dress she wore is, duh, Topshop and only $130, so if you're trying to channel your inner B, grab one for yourself ASAP!)

Between her fierce bob and #flawless makeup, Queen B looked fantastic, but unfortunately, we are still without any further details about her upcoming design collab with Topshop. This fact has basically destroyed our souls and sent us into a deep, dark spiral of depression from which only Beyonce-designed athletic wear can save us.

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Listen, Bey. We love you. From releasing secret albums to helping bring about world peace (which will happen BTW, just give it time), everything you do is pretty much perfect, but we're going crazy over here! Attending the event to support Topshop was cute and all, but what about supporting us with some more intel about your partnership, huh? Sure, you "talked" about it, but we need to know more than that you're excited because of course you are, you're a HUGE Topshop fan. We need adequate time to create a detailed budget, make sure our calendar is free so we can be the first to stand in line on launch day, and purchase a defibrillator for when our hearts surely stop at the sight of your designs, y'know?

All we're saying is next time you roll up to an event, please come prepared with at least a ballpark release season. And also Blue. But mostly the Topshop deets. OK, thanks!

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