Beyonce Is Teaming Up With Topshop

You're going to need all of the emojis for this one: Beyonce is building her own brand at Topshop. That's right, after years and years of loyally wearing the brand's matching two-piece outfits and bathing suits, Beyonce will finally have her own section at the UK-based retailer's stores.

This is pretty much the best possible Beyonce news—next to her dropping another surprise album. It definitely had us just as blindsided. This would explain Bey's private jet trip to London last month—just to shop at Topshop. Although she probably wasn't even shopping, she was working on her brand.

What exactly will that look like? According to WWD, Beyonce will be gifting us with her own athletic streetwear brand at Topshop that will include everything from accessories to footwear and performance clothes for activities like dance, fitness, and sports. So, basically, think Alexander Wang's current collaboration with Beyonce's sense of style. You will soon be able to work out like Beyonce—but same results not guaranteed.

There's no release date yet—although it probably won't hit stores before fall 2015—but stay tuned here for updates.