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Beyonce Took A Private Jet To London Just To Shop At Topshop

She gets us.

Before Beyonce killed it on stage during her On The Run tour performance in Paris (with surprise guest Nicki Minaj!), she decided to do a little shopping at Topshop before the show. Pretty normal, right? She's just like us! Well... not exactly.

Bey was vacationing in the French Riveria, and she decided she didn't want to go to the nearest location, but instead to the flagship all the way in London. So, what's the quickest way to get there? By private jet, duh.

She straight-up walked into their Oxford Circus store all NBD (that's the UK equivalent to Times Square, people), while the commoners—very appropriately—freaked out. Hours later, she was back at the airport to meet up with Jay in Paris, and honestly, we gotta give it up for her serious brand dedication. (Also, for living out every woman's dream.) So c'mon, Bey! Post those ensembles to Instagram ASAP so we can cop ’em too.