History In The Making: These Are The Season 8 'Are You The One?' Perfect Matches

But were they able to secure $750K?

The Are You the One? Come One Come All cast members just "did it" -- and walked their way in to the long-running dating series' history books. "Dreams do come true!"

During tonight's nail-biting season finale, the trailblazing sexually fluid cast was able to follow their hearts and find themselves seated with their perfect match on their last try. We've seen this before!

The breakdown: Entering the Super Bowl style-evening, the group knew that Danny/Kai, Jasmine/Nour, Jenna/Paige, Basit/Jonathan and Honeymooners Aasha/Brandon were locks. That left "the stragglers" -- Amber, Justin, Kari, Kylie, Max and Remy to lock (pun intended) it down. A Truth Booth confirmed Amber/Kylie would not spawn a beam, and from there the six miraculously unearthed the winning combos: Amber/Remy, Kari/Max and Justin/Kylie.

"As the queer community, the odds are always stacked against us, [but] we have overcome the odds," Jasmine declared post-$750K achievement, with her PM Nour by her side. "We represent for the queer people in the world. We here, baby!"

Yes, you all are! Without further ado, here are the victorious Season 8 couples at the life-changing evening. Which duos were the most surprising? Tell us your choices and share your favorite moments from this AYTO season!

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