• Andrew CoutureCast Member
    Andrew Couture

    At first glance, Andrew is a larger-than-life Boston “bro,” but underneath his big personality is actually a professional marketing analyst who is a total romantic and family-oriented guy. Unfortunately, women don’t seem to appreciate his softer side, so Andrew plays up the bad-boy persona even though that’s not really him. Will Andrew recognize that the woman for him is the one that accepts him for who he is and not who he thinks women want him to be?

  • Asia WoodleyCast Member
    Asia Woodley

    Dedicated to school and her dream of making a career in on-air broadcasting, Asia has a take-no-prisoners approach to achieving her goals -- which some men are intimidated by. Asia also wears her intimidation factor like a suit of armor. She needs to find the man who is confident enough not to be scared away, but once she finds him, will she be vulnerable enough to let her guard down and let him in?

  • Brett FerriCast Member
    Brett Ferri

    A smooth-talking personal trainer, Brett has the gift of gab and can just as easily bro out with the boys as he can charm the ladies, but he isn’t just a talker, he’s a listener and likes to dig deep when it comes to relationships. After getting his heart completely broken by his ex, Brett did a total 180. He went from seriously investing in his relationships to viewing love as a game, one in which it’s better to be the player than get played. Will Brett be able to turn off the player persona and trust his romantic instincts to find a woman worth investing his heart in?

  • Bria HamiltonCast Member
    Bria Hamilton

    Bria is an overachiever on her debate team and is quick to use those skills to her advantage when things aren’t going her way. Bria knows that her incredibly controlling nature has ruined her relationships in the past. She also understands that her need to control comes from immense jealousy and her inability to trust. Will Bria be able to push her jealousy aside to find the man worth sharing the control with?

  • Cali TreppCast Member
    Cali Trepp

    A pediatric nurse manager by day and a singer/dancer by night, Cali gives her all to every aspect of her life -- including dating. To say Cali wears her heart on her sleeve would be an understatement. She falls hard and fast, and when the relationship goes wrong, the emotion can be too much to handle. Can Cali learn to slow her emotional roll so that she doesn’t steamroll right over her relationship before it even starts?

  • Cam VineyCast Member
    Cam Viney

    As a black Republican and a Trump supporter, Cam often finds himself to be the odd man out. Born into a political family from West Virginia, Cam is currently interning in Washington, D.C., working toward a law degree, and hopes to one day enter politics himself. Cam seems to have everything going for him, except a relationship. Unfortunately, Cam’s passion for politics doesn’t mesh with his attraction to liberal-leaning women. Will Cam be able to strike the right balance and not let his political life dictate his love life?

  • Daniel VilkCast Member
    Daniel Vilk

    American-born lifeguard Daniel takes enormous pride in his Ukrainian heritage, and, according to him, women love it. Daniel would tell you that his love for hot-tempered and jealous women is the reason that his relationships haven’t worked out in the past; however, he conveniently leaves out the fact that his unfaithful behavior is often the trigger for their rage. Daniel tends to blame the partying lifestyle on his behavior, but that’s just an excuse. Will Daniel be able to find the self-control to make a good relationship last?

  • Jasmine RodriguezCast Member
    Jasmine Rodriguez

    Jasmine knows how to hustle. Bartending on the Jersey Shore in the summer, she makes enough bank to pay the bills and focus on school throughout the year. But when it comes to her love life, Jasmine is fed up with being hustled. After being cheated on, Jasmine decided it’s better to mess with guys before they can mess with you. To find love, will Jasmine be able to let go of her grudge against the entire male gender and accept the man worthy of her affection?

  • Kayla UmagatCast Member
    Kayla Umagat

    A former NFL cheerleader, Kayla has energy for days and a motormouth that never stops running. As Kayla would tell it, you’ll either love her or she’ll annoy the heck out of you, but that’s not why she’s single. Having been emotionally hurt by her previous relationships, Kayla is now prone to self-sabotage in her relationships and has a hard time taking a good guy at face value. Will Kayla learn that not all men are out to play her and trust that the good guy is just that, a good guy?

  • Kenya ScottCast Member
    Kenya Scott

    Having been raised by blind parents, Kenya does not believe in letting your circumstances dictate what you can achieve. With her fearless personality, Kenya is used to getting what she aims for, whether that’s a successful career as a makeup artist or high-status guys; however, her lack of relationship success comes down to trust. Kenya assumes that all men are being shady when, in fact, Kenya is usually the one being shady. Will Kenya be able to turn in her player card and accept the fact that trust is a two-way street?

  • Kwasi OpokuCast Member
    Kwasi Opoku

    The son of hardworking Ghanaian immigrants, Kwasi is a book-smart overachiever with degrees in biology and public health. Kwasi is a catch, but his alter ego “Kwasi Beast” gets in the way of Kwasi establishing a successful relationship. While Kwasi is a sweet family-oriented guy, Kwasi Beast is flirtatious and the life of the party. Kwasi wants a woman that he can build an empire with and bring home to mom. To find the woman of his dreams, can Kwasi push Kwasi Beast to the side and let his sweet-natured side take the lead?

  • Lauren RoushCast Member
    Lauren Roush

    After capturing the crown of Miss West Virginia USA, this Southern belle gave up the pageant life for the party life, but don’t let Lauren’s good-time vibes fool you, she’s also in serious pursuit of degrees in both education and law. Lauren has everything going for her except for a successful love life. She admits that her taste in men sucks. Lauren goes for partying bad boys and gets bad relationships in return. Will Lauren be able to move past the bad-boy exterior and find the guy who appreciates all of her layers?

  • Lewis BeltCast Member
    Lewis Belt

    A comedian by trade, Lewis is known for his sense of humor and, according to him, his dashing good looks. What Lewis is not known for is his relationship success. From watching his parent’s relationship growing up, Lewis knows what true love looks like, but he hasn’t been able to find it for himself. That’s in large part because he fronts with comedy and doesn’t open up. As his female friends would tell it, you can’t take him seriously. Will Lewis be able to bust out of his comedic shell and risk being vulnerable to find true love?

  • Maria ElizondoCast Member
    Maria Elizondo

    A self-sufficient college student working toward a degree in communications, Maria’s take-no-prisoners attitude and sharp wit have gotten her far -- except when it comes to love. Maria falls in love quickly. Combine that with her attraction to emotionally unavailable men, and you get a relationship disaster. As a result, Maria is afraid of letting guys get close and is quick to cut things off before really giving them a chance. Will Maria move past her hurt feelings and open up to a man who can open up to her in return?

  • Moe ElkhalilCast Member
    Moe Elkhalil

    Growing up as a Middle Eastern kid in Texas, Moe has unfortunately endured plenty of stereotyping -- but that hasn’t changed his positive attitude. Moe is dedicated to giving back to his community and always tries to lead with warmth and a welcoming spirit, but there’s a flip side to Moe’s loving personality. Push the right buttons, and Moe can turn into a total jerk. Moe’s relationship success is largely dictated by which version of Moe is in control. Will Moe be able to leave his jerk side at the door and channel his positive community-building side toward building a successful long-term relationship?

  • Morgan FletcherCast Member
    Morgan Fletcher

    Morgan is a boss, and she makes the rules. For this former competitive dancer, it’s not enough to speak what’s on her mind (which she certainly does), Morgan needs to be in control of all aspects of her life, including dating. Unfortunately, her no-filter approach and controlling tendencies usually scare men away. And in truth, that’s the point. Morgan’s need for control stems from a deep fear of being vulnerable and getting hurt. As a result, Morgan’s developed a player persona that she uses as a shield. Can Morgan let her guard down and put her heart on the line to find love?

  • Nutsa SikharulidzeCast Member
    Nutsa Sikharulidze

    Born in Tbilisi, Georgia, Nutsa is all high energy and don’t-mess-with-me attitude; however, in an effort to keep with her home country’s conservative dating values, Nutsa stayed in a long-term relationship that was less than ideal. When that ended, she decided to break from tradition and find a man who is truly worth her while. Now, Nutsa’s expectations may have gone too far in the other direction as she searches for a man who is perfect in everything from his personality to the smallest details of his style. Can Nutsa bring her expectations down to earth so that she can recognize a real-life Prince Charming, and not a fairy-tale one, when she sees him?

  • Samantha McKinnonCast Member
    Samantha McKinnon

    If there’s one word to describe Samantha, it’s “ambitious.” Driven to the extreme, she is already a manager at three of Chicago’s hottest clubs. Unsurprisingly, Samantha is looking for a man who can match her ambition, but everyone seems to fall short. Furthermore, her blunt and down-to-business manner of dating leaves little room for romance and leaves her dates feeling more like an interview. Will Samantha learn to let her heart lead her love life and give a guy the chance to show her who he really is?

  • Shamoy PersadCast Member
    Shamoy Persad

    Raised in the U.S. Virgin Islands, Shamoy is all about the island life and is hoping that those positive island vibes will help him launch a successful clothing line. Despite partnering with his brother to pursue his business endeavors, Shamoy’s family was largely spread out growing up. Shamoy admits that being apart from his family has made him very clingy in his relationships. When Shamoy is into a woman, he wants to be with her 24-7, often leaving her feeling smothered. Will Shamoy learn that he needs to give his relationships some breathing room if he really wants to see them grow?

  • Tevin GrantCast Member
    Tevin Grant

    Tevin’s job is to party, literally. As a professional party host and organizer, Tevin is constantly surrounded by beautiful women who want his attention. It’s no surprise that Tevin is often accused of being a player, which he can be, but, deep down, Tevin is a guy who falls in love hard and fast. When he’s in, he’s all in, loyal and faithful. Unfortunately, as quickly as Tevin can fall in love, he can fall out of love. And when he’s out, he’s all the way out. With his loving nature and player ways constantly at odds with each other, can Tevin give his loving side control long enough to make a relationship work?

  • Tomas BuenosCast Member
    Tomas Buenos

    Born in Argentina, Tomas moved to the U.S. at the age of 11 and has been charming the pants off women ever since. Tomas will be the first to admit he's a player who can't seem to focus on one woman. According to him, it's OK because he doesn't lie to them -- he just doesn't tell them the whole truth. In Tomas’s mind, the real issue is the Miami dating scene even though it’s Tomas’s lack of commitment that is the problem. Can Tomas own up to his own behavior and secure the relationship he really wants?

  • Zak JonesCast Member
    Zak Jones

    After spending his high school years as a sweetheart and getting burned repeatedly, Zak came to the conclusion that nice guys finish last -- and he was sick of finishing last. Since then, Zak has morphed into a supervillain of the dating world, but as much fun as Zak is having messing with people, he knows his behavior is self-defeating. Now that he’s growing his career in digital marketing, Zak is looking toward the future and wants a relationship that fits. Will Zak be able to climb out of the bad-boy hole that he’s dug for himself and find the girl worth being real with?