• Alicia WrightCast Member
    Alicia Wright

    Studying to become a dentist while currently working at a veterinary hospital, Alicia has always had a strong sense of responsibility. Growing up she acted as another parent to her siblings and that responsibility has left her with a head strong attitude that most guys can’t handle. Alicia says that she’s just “too much of a challenge” for most guys. But rather than being a challenge, can Alicia let her guard down enough to let a guy figure her out?

  • Andre SiemersCast Member
    Andre Siemers

    Andre is not just a budding rapper who has owned his own company since he was 17. At his core he is also a good ol’ country boy who loves camping, hunting, and fishing. Given his diverse background of experiences, Andre has a unique gift for connecting with all types of people. But that gift hasn’t protected him from being hurt by people, especially his by his ex. Now Andre uses his tough rapper persona to protect his wounded heart. Will Andre be willing to put his heart at risk by letting his Perfect Match see the true him?

  • Carolina DuarteCast Member
    Carolina Duarte

    Born in Sao Paulo, Brazil, Carolina has a reputation for telling it like it is, and she can do it in two languages. Honest to a fault and fiercely independent, Carolina fears no one. What Carolina does fear is being alone. As a result she will overlook her man’s transgressions in an effort to make it work and let guys take advantage of her in the process. Can Carolina learn to be comfortable with herself so that she can find true love with someone else?

  • Casandra MartinezCast Member
    Casandra Martinez

    Instagram famous as ‘Crank That Cas,’ Casandra has been spoiled by both her parents and the men she dates. Always getting what she wants has left Casandra with the mindset of always looking for the next best thing. But in her quest to check some superficial boxes, she’s wound up with guys who were seriously flawed in just about every other way. Casandra knows that she’s going through the motions in pursuit of “Mr.Right.” Can Casandra quit always looking for the next best thing and give “Mr. Not-So-Perfect” a chance to be her Perfect Match?

  • Derrick HenryCast Member
    Derrick Henry

    A star college athlete who is currently working towards his MBA, Derrick has always had his eye on the prize. And the same can be said for his approach to dating. When a girl catches Derrick’s eye, he wastes no time letting her know he’s interested. Despite coming on strong, Derrick doesn’t commit and she ends up moving on to someone else. But, the hook up scene is getting old and Derrick says he wants to settle down. In fact, his New Year’s resolution for three years running has been to find a girlfriend. Will Derrick realize that finding true love means making a commitment to his heart?

  • Edward WilliamsCast Member
    Edward Williams

    If his career in the modeling world is any indication, Edward is picture perfect. He knows what he wants in life and has all the charm and a killer work ethic to make that happen. So why is he still single? Edward is flirty and carries himself with a sexual confidence that most women read as him being a player. As a result, they quickly label him as untrustworthy. Ironically, trust is a big deal for Edward. But, that hasn’t stopped him from stepping out on occasion. Will Edward realize that in order to change his player image he’ll have to change his player ways?

  • Gianna HammerCast Member
    Gianna Hammer

    Don’t let this sweet country tom-boy from a small town in Ohio fool you. Gianna is full of intensity. Gianna goes for what she wants, and once she gets it she holds on tight, way too tight. And that can freak some guys out. In truth, Gianna’s intensity is a defense mechanism to protect herself from deeper insecurities. Even when it’s clear that it’s time to move on from a relationship, Gianna refuses to let go. Can Gianna learn that a successful relationship doesn’t happen by holding on for dear life but, instead by giving it room to breathe?

  • Hannah FugazziCast Member
    Hannah Fugazzi

    Despite her last name being Italian slang for “fake,” Hannah is as real as they come and has confidence in spades. And that confidence means when it comes to relationships, she dives in head first and moves fast. But her relationships also burn out fast. As soon as she finds one thing wrong with her guy she’s over him and on to the next. Can Hannah learn to slow down just enough to keep her from overlooking a great guy?

  • Hayden WeaverCast Member
    Hayden Weaver

    Hayden grew up on the edge of a cornfield in Indiana and wouldn’t have it any other way. But his small town comfort zone has left Hayden with zero game. He’s so awkward and confused that if he’s texting a girl he has to check with his buddies to make sure she is actually interested. Hayden wants to get married and have kids sooner rather than later, but attaining that goal is hard when he can’t make it past the first move. Can Hayden find a girl who will stick out through the awkward beginning to get to see Hayden for the true catch that he is?

  • Jaylan AdlamCast Member
    Jaylan Adlam

    Although Jaylan is tall, ripped, and an ex-football player, he has none of the arrogance or “player” tendencies one might expect from a guy of his stature. Jaylan still sees himself as the nerdy, awkward, teenager who never really learned how to approach women. And, his kind nature and wacky humor has easily left him friend zoned. Can Jaylan learn not to second guess himself and realize that the right girl will appreciate him for who he is nerdy jokes and all?

  • Joey AmoiaCast Member
    Joey Amoia

    Joey is an old school, blue collar, alpha male. And the girls love it. Even though he has no trouble getting a girls attention, living in a small city means the same girls are always in rotation. But lack of options aside, Joey’s real dating issue is his inability to commit. After his high school girlfriend broke his heart, Joey protects himself with crude humor and a player persona that keeps women at distance. Can Joey set the jokes aside to let his Perfect Match past the walls he keeps around his heart?

  • Kam WilliamsCast Member
    Kam Williams

    As a flight attendant, Kam is never in one place for too long, and the same is true for her dating life. Kam keeps a lot of men in her orbit which gives her a reputation for being a player. But the truth is, Kam is scared of getting hurt and would rather break hearts than get her heart broken. So, as soon as a relationship takes a turn for the serious, Kam calls it quits. Can Kam find the guy capable of knocking down the walls around her heart?

  • Kari KowalskiCast Member
    Kari Kowalski

    If having an amazing job in the fashion industry wasn’t enough, Kari is well on her way to becoming a doctor, too. Kari puts her full effort into everything that she does. But when it comes to relationships, she hasn’t had the success that she’s used to. Kari’s confidence in herself is well earned but, when she carries herself as being better than everyone else it tends to turn guys off. Can Kari find the key to relationship success by humbling herself enough so that the right guy can recognize her brilliance for himself?

  • Kathryn PalmerCast Member
    Kathryn Palmer

    Kathryn is a graceful Southern Belle who has no problem getting down and dirty. But despite her positive vibes, she can’t help falling for guys who just want to bring her down. Kathryn is a people pleaser who is so in love with love, that she’s incapable of putting the brakes on any guy. And since she is so eager to make it work, she tends to believe whatever a guy tells her. This would be fine if she was falling for quality men. But, she’s not. Can Kathryn fall in love with the right guy instead of every guy?

  • Michael HalpernCast Member
    Michael Halpern

    Michael is a catch and his mom certainly isn’t the only one who thinks so. Smart and charismatic, he doesn’t lack for women wanting his attention. The problem is Michael doesn’t want any of the legions of women lining up to date him and only wants girls he can’t have! He’s so addicted to the chase that the only ladies who excite him are the ones who aren’t interested. And that of course, is a classic recipe for failure when it comes to finding lasting love. Can Michael find a woman who can hold his attention long enough to develop a lasting relationship?

  • Mike CerasaniCast Member
    Mike Cerasani

    Mike looks good. He knows it and a lot of women know it, too. While Mike is quick to get a woman’s attention, by the next morning, he realizes that this is not the type of woman he wants to build a relationship with. However, taking the time to get to know a woman means letting her get to know him, too. Mike suffers from typical ‘player’ syndrome that has caught him in a vicious cycle and getting him nowhere fast. Can Mike set aside his player ways and let his Perfect Match see the real him?

  • Osvaldo RomeroCast Member
    Osvaldo Romero

    Osvaldo grew up in one of Chicago’s toughest neighborhoods, caught between the territories of two rival gangs. Worse yet, he was overweight and a prime target for bullying. But when Osvaldo befriended a bunch of hot women, even the tough guys wanted to be his friend. He may have grown into his heartthrob looks, but he’s still the same sweet guy on the inside. Unfortunately, Osvaldo’s good heart has led to him being trampled on by women again and again. Can Osvaldo find a woman who will love him for the nerdy kid he is on the inside and not break his heart?

  • Ozzy MoralesCast Member
    Ozzy Morales

    Ozzy was well on his way to becoming a soccer star in his home country of Costa Rica when he decided to give that all up to move with his father to America. Because he is constantly moving around, Ozzy has had his fair share of long distance relationships and has strayed from those relationships. Ozzy blames his failed relationships on the geographical separation. The truth is, Ozzy loves being in love but has a hard time with commitment. Will Ozzy learn that a love worth investing in is one that can overcome any distance?

  • Shannon DuffyCast Member
    Shannon Duffy

    Hailing from the Philippines, Shannon is a force to be reckoned with and barely clearing five feet tall, is living proof that good things come in small packages. After her last serious relationship, Shannon was so heartbroken that she questioned whether love existed at all. But with a renewed confidence that love is real, Shannon is determined to find herself the perfect guy. When she does meet men that are up to her standards, her domineering approach ends up chasing them away. Can Shannon find the guy that will stand up to her because he’s just perfect for her?

  • Taylor SelfridgeCast Member
    Taylor Selfridge

    Taylor is a beautiful and sweet teacher’s aide who can chug a beer with the best of them. To most guys, Taylor is a total catch. Unfortunately, Taylor doesn’t see herself that way. Her insecurities keep her from having the confidence to face any of the problems in her relationship and instead, leave her trying too hard with the wrong guys. Will Taylor learn that in order to find a man willing to fight for her, she must first be able to fight for herself?

  • Tyler O’BrienCast Member
    Tyler O’Brien

    Growing up on the mean street of South Boston, Tyler developed a ‘fake it ‘til you make it’ attitude to get through some tough times. And that attitude, in combination with his good looks, has gotten him far. He now lives in sunny Florida where he has a successful modeling career. But ‘fake it ‘til you make it’ hasn’t been an effective approach to his love life. Instead, ‘faking it’ means leading girls on and breaking a lot of hearts. Will Tyler realize that in order to find real love he’ll have to get real with his Perfect Match?

  • Tyranny ToddCast Member
    Tyranny Todd

    Tyranny is charming, gorgeous, and with aspirations of becoming a judge. But with all she has going for her, how is it possible that her relationships have been plagued with numerous infidelities and betrayals? Needless to say, Tyranny’s dating history has formed a pretty tough shell around her heart. But deep down, Tyranny wants nothing more than to be in a loving relationship. Can Tyranny be vulnerable enough to let her Perfect Match in?