• Alexis EddyCast Member
    Alexis Eddy

    Alexis can be her own worst enemy when it comes to love. After getting burned in the past, she has some major trust issues and is always waiting for the other shoe to drop. When things start getting serious she’ll find a way to sabotage the relationship to protect her own heart. Will Alexis be willing to take the risk and put herself on the line to find true love?

  • Alivia HunterCast Member
    Alivia Hunter

    As an architect major, Alivia is one smart cookie...except when it comes to love. She doesn’t have a clue as to what makes a good man- let alone how to find one and her roster of ex-boyfriends is full of cheaters and bad boys. When she drops one bad guy she follows it up with another who is exactly the same. Will Alivia be able to avoid the players and find love?

  • Anthony MartinCast Member
    Anthony Martin

    Anthony lives in two worlds-in one he’s a successful teacher for kids with special needs, and in the other he’s Tony, the party boy who’s out all night. Tony has no problem pulling ladies but, the party girls don’t always make for the best relationships and Anthony is too nice to break it off when the red flags go flying. Will Anthony be able to call it quits when things go south and find the stable relationship that he needs?

  • Audrey DiazCast Member
    Audrey Diaz

    Audrey always gives it her all in a relationship but all she ever gets in return in a broken heart. Confident and smart, underother circumstances she would have no problem standing up for herself, but when it comes to love she’s always been a sucker for flawed men. In past relationships, Audrey has a tendency to romanticize the situation and forgive transgressions that she shouldn’t. Will Audrey raise her standards to find her Perfect Match?

  • Clinton MoxamCast Member
    Clinton Moxam

    With good looks and charm, it comes as no surprise that Clinton’s nickname is “Big Sexy,” but don’t get it twisted, he’s no player. Clinton wants to be someone’s boyfriend so badly he often rushes into it with the wrong woman, and his loyalty keeps him there. Will Clinton be strong enough to pull himself away from faulty relationships and hold out for the one?

  • David ShadCast Member
    David Shad

    David Shad, or simply “The Shad,” may be lacking in relationship tools but he’s not lacking in confidence. As a perfectionist, he sets very high expectations for himself and he always needs to “win.” But his need to “win” at love causes him to chase his idea of the “perfect” relationship and the “perfect” woman, which doesn’t exist. Can Shad learn to drop his superficial expectations to find the Perfect Match he’s been searching for?

  • Diandra DelgadoCast Member
    Diandra Delgado

    Diandra loves love and has always jumped into relationships too quickly. She’ll go from a first date to ready for a relationship in the span of a week. But her want to be in a relationship means she gives too many second chances and ignores some major relationship red flags. Can Diandra learn to slow things down to find her Perfect Match?

  • Dimitri ValentinCast Member
    Dimitri Valentin

    Known for his outgoing personality, Dimitri is a guy’s guy who is way more comfortable bro-ing it up with his boys than pouring his heart out to a woman. And therein lies the problem, he’s confident enough to approach ladies but he freezes when it comes to eventually expressing his feelings. Instead of putting himself out there he’ll take the low road and make an immature comment to protect himself. Will Dimitri be able to open up to build a relationship that works?

  • Ethan CohenCast Member
    Ethan Cohen

    Ethan, aka “E Money,” is a talented rapper from the California wine country. Smooth with words, he uses comedy as his secret weapon to hit on the ladies but unfortunately, it’s his love life that ends up as the joke. Girls fall for the confidence of E Money but Ethan is much more insecure when it comes to women, which ends up being a major turn-off. Can Ethan finally be confident enough in himself to go after his Perfect Match?

  • Geles RodriguezCast Member
    Geles Rodriguez

    Geles comes from a good family and dreams of building a strong one of her own. In her efforts to settle down, this former professional cheerleader tends to put all of her effort into meeting the guy’s expectations and being the girl that he wants. Will Geles learn to be herself and find the guy who will love her for her and not for who she thinks he wants her to be?

  • Jada AllenCast Member
    Jada Allen

    Jada hasn’t always been the confident beauty she is today. Even though she puts herself out there assertively, her fear of not being loved is always in the back of her mind. Afraid of letting others see her insecurities, Jada puts up a wall and her relationships have never gone below the surface. Will Jada be able to let down her guards and find someone who loves her for her?

  • Joe TorgersonCast Member
    Joe Torgerson

    Joe grew up a very shelter devout Jehovah’s Witness but, has since left the religion. Unfortunately, his guarded childhood left him ill-prepared for the fast pace of the dating world and a few bad relationships out of the gate has given Joe a skewed understanding of what love is supposed to be. Joe has a unique challenge in that he is playing catchup with the rest of the dating pool. Will Joe be able to find a woman patient enough to show him what real love is?

  • Kareem FathallaCast Member
    Kareem Fathalla

    Strongminded and driven, Kareem is not one to back down from a challenge. This determination has lead him to success in the fitness industry but it has also created trouble in his personal life. Kareem falls fast and commits immediately which means he’s often in too deep with the wrong woman. Rather than recognizing that he’s with the wrong person, he goes all in and his insecurity in the relationship manifests as jealousy. Can Kareem finally find a love he is confident in?

  • Keith KlebacherCast Member
    Keith Klebacher

    Keith knows exactly what his dating problem is – he goes for women that are crazy, literally! Like a moth to a flame, if they are lying, outrageous, and have borderline stalker behavior then Keith will want to date them. Then he ends up stuck trying to desperately fix the toxic relationship. Can Keith break the cycle and finally find someone he can build a future with?

  • Keyana LandCast Member
    Keyana Land

    Keyana’s caring soul and nurturing personality is both her biggest strength and her greatest weakness. She often finds herself drawn to “fixer-uppers” who need more than a little help. Unfortunately, in working so hard to support her partner she often completely ignores her own needs...and then so does he. Can Keyana learn to appreciate her value and find a man who will give her as much as he takes?

  • Malcolm DrummerCast Member
    Malcolm Drummer

    A future architectural engineer with charm to spare, Malcolm has plenty of luck with women but he’s not so good when it comes to relationships. He will be the first to admit that he’s a work in progress. Malcolm spent years as a player but he is actively trying to transition from being a “thot” to being “boyfriend material.” However, old habits die hard. Can Malcolm learn to drop his player ways for good and commit to his perfect match?

  • Michael DeanCast Member
    Michael Dean

    The perfect combination of his hippy mom and salt of the earth dad, Michael has rugged good looks and the soul of an artist. Getting girls has never been Michael’s problem and when he finds someone that he likes he rushes into the relationship. However, his actions tend to move faster than his emotions and as soon as he has any doubts he’s quick to drop her. Will Michael realize that to get the relationship that he wants he needs to lead with his emotions and let the relationship follow?

  • Nicole SpillerCast Member
    Nicole Spiller

    Nicole is the queen of second, third, and fourth chances. Determined to get married and have children, once she finds a guy, she latches on, and disregards all his shortcomings. She’ll keep giving him the benefit of the doubt in hopes that he’s the one. Can Nicole learn to slow her roll to find that guy that’s really worth investing a future in?

  • Nurys MateoCast Member
    Nurys Mateo

    Growing up Nurys was the only Dominican in her school. After years of being singled out for her race, Nurys has become extremely guarded especially with love. She tries to not let herself get hurt but keeps finding herself in the position of the “side chick,” hoping that she could eventually become the number one. Can Nurys find the guy who make her the priority from the start?

  • Tyler ColonCast Member
    Tyler Colon

    Tyler’s got the looks, charm, and brains to impress any lady. So, what’s the problem? After coming out of a bad relationship he began second guessing himself. Now his fear of getting hurt has kept him from committing at all. He can’t seem to trust that the connections he’s making are real enough to make it official. Can Tyler learn to take things out of the friend zone and into the love zone?

  • Uche NwosuCast Member
    Uche Nwosu

    Raised by Nigerian immigrants, Uche has been pushed to be sucscessful in all that she does including love. But rather than dating the doctors and lawyers that her parents dream of, Uche instinctually goes for the “bad boys,” athletes, musicians, and players that eventually break her heart. Will Uche stop trying to rebel and find her Perfect Match?

  • Zoe PughCast Member
    Zoe Pugh

    Zoe’s dating life is not the picture perfect, Instagram dream that a popular men’s magazine thought it was when they anointed her one of the hottest college girls in America. Often falling for guys who refuse to put a label on the relationship, Zoe can’t tell if a guy is her boyfriend or a “situationship.” Can Zoe get the real relationship that she wants by learning to define her own relationship terms?